Introducing M:Project is unlike anything you've ever seen from FootJoy. Minimal Construction. Maximum Feel. Minimal Construction? Maximum Feel? What does that mean exactly?
Minimal Construction M:Project was designed and developed from the ground up. Thinner leather or mesh uppers allow for a thin but strong upper, a thinner midsole gives you tremendous feel and flexibility, and the lowest profile spikes available ensure your feet are completely in tune with the ground.
Ultra Thin & Strong Skin The specially designed ultra thin and ultra strong M:Spec leather becomes a second skin. Specially designed last M:Project's specially designed last allows more room for your toes to spread out and grip the ground for real-time feedback. So why would you want to minimize the construction in a golf shoe?
Maximum Feel With M:Project, you'll be able to feel the ground under your feet and grip uneven terrain. If you require flexibility and feel, M:Project is right for you.
The lowest profile cleat The new Stealth Cleats by SoftSpikes and the P.I.N.S. System offers the lowest profile cleat on the market today, bringing your foot down to earth. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what the experts have to say.
Listen to the Experts
Natural Movement Dr. Greg Rose from the Titleist Performance Institute on why he believes FJ M:Project can help you play better golf.
Being in Tune The new FJ M:Project shoe is a radical departure for FJ, here is why we did it.
Inspired The principal designer of M:Project discusses the inspiration behind this radically new shoe from FJ.
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