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Golf Shorts for Men FAQs

When should you wear men’s golf shorts?

Golf shorts for men are excellent choices for warm days. Playing 18 rounds of golf requires adequate stamina, meaning you can work up a sweat throughout your game. With the right pair of men’s golf shorts, you can stay cool and comfortable even when the temperatures rise. However, always refer to the clubhouse’s dress code. Depending on the country club, some courses may have a strict dress code that only allows men’s golf pants instead of shorts.

How long should men’s golf shorts be?

Men’s golf shorts can come in a variety of lengths, and the length you choose depends on your overall preferences. Most golf shorts for men fall just above the knee, allowing for an adequate range of motion and comfort. However, some men may prefer longer golf shorts with deeper pockets for storage and protection against elements like sun, wind, and rain. Common lengths include 11-inch inseam golf shorts, 9-inch inseam golf shorts, and 7-inch inseam golf shorts. When choosing a pair, pick one that fits well and keeps you comfortable.

How should you wear golf shorts for men?

Because golf is a professional sport, it’s important to ensure your outfit looks the part. When wearing golf shorts, it’s essential that they match the rest of your men’s golf apparel. By wearing a pair of solid golf shorts for men, such as khaki shorts, you can easily match them with your men’s golf shirts. As for golf socks, you can wear either low-cut or crew socks, depending on your preferences, while your men’s golf shoes should match your golf belt for a cohesive look.

What should you look for in men’s golf shorts?

Not all golf shorts for men are made the same, which means you need to take time and do your research to find the best men’s golf shorts. Qualities to consider include:

  • Material: One of the first qualities to consider is material. From polyester to cotton, there are several materials you can find in men’s golf shorts. Some materials are more breathable than others, while certain fabrics can have water-resistant properties for rainy conditions. Review customer testimonials to see what other golfers have to say about the pair you’re interested in.
  • Size: It’s important to choose golf shorts for men that are in the right size. Shorts that are too large can fall and impact your swing, while shorts that are too tight can affect your range of motion and overall comfort. Refer to our golf apparel sizing guide to find the right pair for you.
  • Inseam: Men’s golf shorts can also come in different inseams, such as 9-inches or 10-inches. To find the best golf shorts for men, choose a pair that falls just above your knees to ensure they don’t impact the range of motion in your legs.