Shoe Repair & Modification

If your FootJoy golf shoes need repair or refurbishment after the warranty period, or if you desire, orthopedic services or modification of your shoes in any way, please contact LaRossa Shoe Repair, an authorized FootJoy service center.

Note: LaRossa Shoe Repair is not equipped to handle every type of service or modification issue. We highly recommend that you call LaRossa Shoe Repair first to verify that they can address your specific repair or modification needs and for pricing and delivery estimates. Please note that any modifications (orthopedic or otherwise) made to your golfing shoes will place them outside of FootJoy's warranty coverage.

LaRossa Shoe Repair
94 Pleasant Street
South Weymouth, MA 02190
(781) 335-9631



Laces are part of our footwear product shipped direct to the consumer. At this time lace replacements are not available for reorder. Our shoes take standard size laces however which are typically available in a variety of retail stores. If you are unable to find a suitable replacement, please contact our customer service team for assistance.