The design and development team at FJ explored various ways of creating a golf jacket that was lightweight while still ensuring it was 100% waterproof. They focused on the construction of the jacket and explored ways of reducing weight and creating greater mobility. Where other jackets can have as many as 24 panels and 27 or more seams, the new LTS jacket has only five panels and six seams. Fewer panels and seams reduces weight and bulk while improving mobility and eliminating places for water to gather.


Preserving temperature regulating properties was the next objective of the FJ team. Partnering with ThermoLite® to create a specially developed ThermoLite bonded liner using hollow core fibers made this possible. When conditions are cool, the hollow core fibers trap body heat inside the core and when conditions are warm, the fibers wick moisture and expel heat for optimum temperature regulation.


FJ focuses solely on the game of golf so in selecting a fabric for a new rain jacket, there were certain criteria that could not be compromised. The third key element of DryJoys Tour LTS is the all-new fabric, which features outstanding stretch and waterproofness. With the golf swing in mind, FJ has developed a 3-Layer Bonded Fabric, which boasts soft, comfortable and quiet attributes, as well as excellent 4-way stretch.



"My initial thoughts were I couldn't believe how light the jacket was when I picked it up compared to other rain tops I have. I'm used to a 1/4 Zip Short Sleeve style rain top, as I prefer to keep my arms free and unrestricted, but the LTS was so light and flexible that I could swing freely as if I was playing in short sleeves. The stretch material also helped me to feel like I could complete my normal swing which I don't get with other premium rain jackets."

"I played very early one day and the wind was whipping to about 30mph but I didn't feel like it was penetrating the jacket. I could feel the cold on my face and hands but not on my torso. I also had three layers on underneath the jacket which might normally be restricting, but the jacket just moved with me no problem. I was warm, comfortable and had full range of motion, even as the temperature started to climb a bit."

"I was hugely impressed with how the LTS performed in the rain. I've had experiences with rain jackets in the past that boast that they are lightweight and fully waterproof but after a few holes you are bogged down by a jacket that has become saturated and heavy. The LTS repelled the rain superbly, keeping me dry while maintaining the lightweight feeling and full mobility that is very important to me. I couldn't believe how dry I was under the jacket considering some of the torrential downpours we faced on the course."

"Overall I was very impressed with the LTS and it's safe to say I'll be wearing this whenever I play in wet, cold and/or windy conditions!"

“I recently wore the LTS jacket on a golf trip and we faced a wide range of conditions - wet, cold, windy....and sometimes all three at once! The fabric comfortably stretches throughout the swing with no restrictions and I was completely dry and comfortable no matter how the conditions varied. I even got the chance to have it on during tornado weather over the weekend in Tulsa! Excellent product.”

“I played 36 holes last week in the new LTS rain jacket and it performed incredibly well. It gave me full freedom of movement during the swing and it was light and comfortable to wear. Although it was quite a warm day I maintained a comfortable temperature and most importantly of course it kept me completely dry for the full 8 hours. I would recommend the new Dryjoys LTS rain jacket to all of my playing partners.”

“The performance of the LTS jacket exceeded my expectations. What was most important to me was the fact that the LTS jacket allowed me to take a full swing without feeling constrained. It provided a much greater range of motion and I would say that it stretched with my swing and not against my swing. It is a very lightweight jacket that did not feel 'bulky' at all."

"During the rounds where I was wearing the LTS, we encountered some pretty significant temperature changes as well as precipitation. My core body temperature was not affected. I stayed dry and warm through the weather changes during the entire round."

"We don't play in the rain very often but when we do, I need a jacket that's not going to interfere with my game in any way. Like any layer I put on, it needs to move with me during my swing, not make me too hot and also protect me from the elements. I get all of those things with the LTS jacket." -- Jimmy Walker


LTS Design and Development