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Golf Sun Sleeves FAQs

What are golf arm sleeves?

Golf arm sleeves and sun sleeves are sleeves that you pull over your arms to enhance sun protection. Golf sun sleeves can be worn with women’s or men's golf shirts to provide full protection and also underneath men’s or ladies' golf mid-layers and golf outerwear for those looking for added warmth.

Why should you wear sun sleeves for golf?

Golf sun sleeves offer golfers several key benefits that can help them improve their game and protect their health:

  • Protection: The primary benefit of sun sleeves for golf is ensuring sun protection. Golf sleeves for sun protection can help block UV rays that can cause sunburn, as well as wick moisture away to prevent heat from impacting your game.
  • Warmth: Golf arm sleeves can also add an extra layer of warmth for those colder golf outings. Whether it’s a brisk morning on the course or during one of the cooler months, golf arm sleeves can help prevent colder temperatures from tightening your arm muscles.
  • Compression: Golf sun sleeves also provide some compression, which can help circulate blood and keep your arms feeling fresh when out on the course.
What should you look for in golf sun sleeves?

When shopping for sun sleeves for golf, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Sun UV protection factor (SPF): You should ensure you’re buying UV arm sleeves for golf that offer adequate sun protection to keep your arms safe,protected and cool.
  • Moisture-wicking: To ensure your arms stay cool under the sun and in humid conditions, look for golf sun sleeves with moisture-wicking properties that move moisture away from your body and keep your arms dry.
  • Non-slip fit: You don’t want your golf arm sleeves to bunch up or fall down during your swing, which is why you should look for sleeves with a non-slip fit and elastic arm holes that comfortably keep your golf sun sleeves in place.