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Research & Development

Research & DevelopmentResearch & Development

Leather Selection

Leather SelectionLeather Selection

Leather Cutting

Leather CuttingLeather Cutting



Glove Inspections

Glove InspectionsGlove Inspections

1 of 2 players prefere to wear a FJ glove
20 year old tannign process developed for the Birtish Royal Air Force by Pittards© of England

Your Glove. Your Game.

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As the point of contact between you and your club, a glove is a core piece of equipment for the perfect shot.

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A good grip is the foundation for a good swing.

What your worn glove says about your game
If the following areas are worn, you may have a problem with your grip.

Palm Wear

Your hands may be slipping during swing or you may be holding the club in your palms, rather than your fingers.

Thumb Wear

You may be extending your thumb too far down the shaft. Point your left thumb slightly to the right for a more natural, comfortable backswing.

Heel Wear

You may be regripping at the top of your swing OR you may be holding the club too close to the end. Try gripping the clubs roughly an inch from the end.

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Wear Overlay

Consult your local golf professional for more grip tips.


The right fit improves performance. But over 50% of players wear a glove that is too big.

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Gloves should be replaced after 15-20 rounds - and those rounds can add up fast. To add up your rounds, follow this equation:

A 9 or 18 hole round

Hitting a large bucket of balls at the range

A practice swing before each shot

= Three Rounds of Golf


Extend the life of your glove with proper care.

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