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Dad made a monster

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My earliest memory of golf is telling my father that my mother bought a nice leather staff bag for his Christmas present, five minutes after my mother bought and told me not to say anything. Talk about a spoiler! Of course I was like 5 years old at the time, but 30 years later, he still has that bag.
I've always loved golf, everything about it. I worked on a grounds crew for a few years when I was a kid just to be around it more. I even had my own golf cart until both of the font wheels fell off at the same time... but somewhere the game got away from me, and I didn't play for quite a while, but I picked it up again after I got married and it's all I think about anymore. I've been playing pretty steadily now(seasons permitting) for 15 years and I've gone from shooting over 100 consistently to a 9 index. Not the greatest, but for a weekend warrior and having never taken a lesson, I'm happy and still think I will improve. I've collected a lot of friends through golf, most of them through collecting Scotty Cameron putters. That is the best thing I have gotten out of golf, a wealth of good friends...Thanks Dad

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  • I really enjoyed this post.   Dad's ,( don't forget the Mom's), have passed this beautiful game on to us all.    A club here and there sparked our interest to investigate and nurture our ability to take on the challenge.   Having 4 grandsons, they all seek out the golf rooom to hang out.  There is a putter rack with all sizes,  small plastic club set for the youngest little guy with a basket of plastic balls.  Each one has his own pull cart with a set of junior clubs.   I also have a basket of junior golf shoes that they wear during their trips to the golf room.   They have a ball.   My only instruction is "safety first".  Each one get's his 8x10 picture on the wall after sinking the first 10 footer.

    Hook a kid on golf.