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TPC Boston

TPC Boston


    Had a great round this weekend at TPC Boston.  Course was a little wet from all of the rain, but in terrific shape.  The course was extra busy with all of the set up going on.


    Had a chip in on the 4th hole, short par 4 for an eagle, just missed a hole in 1 (would have been my 1st) on the 8th hole, and then just missed another on the 11th hole.  Had a great time with my two friends and enjoyed the weather that we can expect in New England.


    Took a few pics during the round I though I would share...



    From the tee box you can see our 3 shots.  All very good...


    from the green


    from the TV tower looking down on 11th, another close one.


    Were I will be spending most of my Labor Day Weekend!  Hope to see some of your there!


    Buzza!  You get to play some sweet tracks.  How did you get out there on good old TPC Boston?


    I actually live about a 1/2 mile through the woods off of the 6th green.  Membership has its privileges...very fortunate to belong here and Pawtucket CC.


    Thanks for sharing. Great pics.

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    wow looks great, heard nothing but great experiences here would love to get here sometime soon


    It is like a slice of heaven.  I always enjoy my time there and feel very fortunate to have a tour event come through, let alone the 2nd leg of the Fed Ex Cup.


    Very cool.  I got to go to the DBC last year, and it's one of my favorite courses on TWoo for the WII.  Playing it would be unreal.  Thanks for sharing the pics


    Not a problem.  Love the course and hope to see some of you over there if you can make it...




    Very cool ! thanks for sharing. I love this course it plays well on TV. I bet even better in person :)


    Thanks for the preview....


    Hey BB, great pics and lucky you!

    Was looking for Round 1 results this morning until I realised that it is a Friday-Monday tournament this week.

    Looks like course is in great shape and looking forward to a big tournament.

    Pressure's on for all the Ryder Cup wannabe's.


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    I will be over at Arnold Palmer Boulevard this weekend (my 3rd year). Sounds like you had an awesome round, and thanks for the pics. An ace at TPC Boston would be heaven; maybe next time. Noted you played with two friends. Hey. I'm in Marshfield: if you ever need a 4th and like old guys with a sense of humor, give me a shout.

    I will drop you a note if I end up w an opening. Our 4th bailed last minute. Had to play wolf front nine and skins on back. Did ok on front and not as good in the skins game. Cost me a couple cold ones.
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    Thanks for sharing.  Must of been a cool experience playing TPC Boston just before the DBC gets there


    It is a great opportunity for me and especially my kids, although I am not sure how much they appreciate it just yet.


    Getting out for another round this weekend, going to play from the Monday pin and tee box positions.  Oh boy will this be fun....