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Tacoma, WA area golf courses

Tacoma, WA area golf courses

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    I am planning a trip to Chambers Bay GC and want to play a couple of others in the area.  I'm not looking to travel more than about 1 hour from Tacoma.  I was thinking about Druids Glenn and The Home Course.  Are there any better courses within 1 hour of Tacoma?  Also, any tips for a good hotel in the Tacoma area?  (looking for mid-price and near restaurants, pubs, etc...).




    Hey Oregon! Welcome.

    Boy I wish I could help you but this area isn't one I have gotten to for golf ever. Only seen it on TV.

    Have you tried to look on golfnow.com for ideas? Or are there any local "package" people out there that can help you. I'm sure that might help since I am not aware of many FJ folks from the "left coast."

    Good luck!


    Sorry, I can't help you either. Now if you want to know about Scotland I might be able to help!

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    I would do yourself a favor and play Chambers Bay as many times as you can time allowing/you can afford. It's fantastic, and there isn't much else in the area that comes close.