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    I had a couple hours of free time this afternoon so, I thought I would give it a shot. To the best of my recolection I've played 94 different courses. I'm sure there are a couple that I have forgotten but, that's pretty close.  

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    Needing something to keep me occupied while flying back to R.I. after Thanksgiving I occupied myself trying to list the courses I've played. I came up with 104 courses in 10 states and 4 foreign countries. "Business golf" certainly contributed to the total.

    I hope all enjoyed their Thanksgiving.



    Since I've been playing for a little over 50 years it would take a fairly long time to determine how many.  I'm kind of like the Tar Heel -  I take my clubs every where I go.


    Well I have reviewed this a couple of times. And after some reviewing I believe it has been 48. I didn't start playing until I was 24, and worked in the industry both in maintenance and golf shop side, with that I stuck with those courses . Most of my play has been in Ma. Ct. Ri. Nh. Ny. Ga. Fl. La. Tx.

    I have played muni's, semi private, private, resort and Memebers only courses. There is a bucket list of courses let to play, but I'm in no hurry, time will take me there. It might be slightly more I'm getting old and revised this 3 times all ready.

    I do know that 3 of the clubs I used to play on a regular basis are no longer open, lost them to developments of would be developments, crying shame to see two great courses laying waist and no development was ever approved.


    I collect logo golf balls and I have about 100 not to mention the 60 or so courses I have played where they don't have a logo ball.

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    Not nearly as many as I would have liked too thats for sure...played about 6 in nebraska and about 6 in kansas including Kansas States Home course Colbert Hills great course...very long and hilly if you get the chance go play it.


    I wish I could count myself lucky enough to have played more courses than I have - My total is probably 50 or so...across a geographical range from New England to California, the deserts of Arizona and the island of Bermuda. Europe, Japan, and Asia have yet to see my swing in action..


    Like a few of the FJA, I take my clubs with me on all trips. With over 15 years of "business" travel, I have to calculate more than 200 courses throughout North America and Europe. Hopefully, will get some opportunities in Asia this coming year.

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