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    So here are a few pics from day 2, rainy again from the RI Burke Tournement.  As I had indicated in my prior post, Newport CC, I did not play as well yet again.  I am not really sure why this tournement each year brings rain, but no difference again for the 3rd straight year.


    Shot an 81 over 6 drizzly holes, 6 more rainy holes, and 6 more down pouring holes.  Started with a pretty good 39 on the front, struggled on all par 3's and end with a poor 42 on back with a triple bogey...lost ball in woods on 2nd shot to green.  224 into hole with a hybrid slipped in hands and snapped out of bounds.


    I do have to say, Shelter Harbor is another beautiful course that if you get the opportunity, dont pass it by. 


    Beautiful Club House

    Great driving range, I would guess about 450 yards in a 360.  With clubs in view.

    D3 910

    910 19 3 wood

    910 22 hybrid

    MB 912 Irons

    56 Vokey

    60 Vokey

    Scotty Newport 2.0 Mid Slant



    More pics to come tomorrow.


    Have a good night



    nice.  would love to see more pics.  looks like a great looking course.


    The club house looks very nice. Would like to see a pic from the 19th hole.


    Pictures do Shelter little justice, the place is gorgeous!


    Agree - and the practice range is the best around!

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    I love the pic of the driving range. Its beautiful.

    Sorry for the delay, here are few more pics...

     Looking from the 17th green back at the tee box

     Looking from the clubhouse down the 18th back towards the tee box

     Looking up towards the 9th hole and clubhouse

     I forgot what Par 3 this was, maybe the 7th?

     I am not sure on this one either, its been a little over a week and I guess I am getting too old to


    I think that was it for pics, but again have to say...THIS IS one of the most exclusive clubs in RI and if you have the opportunity, DO NOT pass it by.




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    Wow,thanks for the pics Brian. I have heard a lot of great comments about the course and these photos support what I have heard.

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    Nice pictures, thanks for posting.

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    Must. Play. Shelter. Harbor.

    Mad jealous! Hope you moved it around well!