Newport Country Club RI


    To close out my 1st RI event for the year and this post, here goes.


    I did NOT meet my goal(s).  First of all I shot an 81, so there is my Snowman for the round.  I was pretty close, up until the 15th hole, second shot.  I had 228 into the hole and pulled my hybrid.  Promptly slipping out of my hands in the pouring raining, pulling the ball dead left and OB.  Had to redrop a ball and finished the hole with a 7, otherwise know as a triple bogey.


    If it weren't for the ONE shot, I would have at least broke 80 and been a bit happier.  Oh well I guess that is why I have a day job.


    Please look for a new POST shortly, named Sheltor Harbor.  I will provide some more details in the next posting.


    Thanks for the support though.  I am happy to have a few followers out on the site and certainly enjoying sharing the experiences in more detail without boring my wife...LOL.

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    Great pics of Newport, thanks for posting.