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A Regal Visitor to my home course.

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    Hey Hokies,

    Good, thorough explanation. I guess they don't get much ACC action out in Oregon. Being an Eagles fan (BC) I've seen many VT games, lately the Hokies have been kickin' BC butt across the board.


    Ever watch Big Bang Theory; when someone asks Sheldon a question and Leonard says "here we go"?

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    They are impressive birds. My home course sits on a bluff above the Mississippi River in Minnesota and we are lucky to see quite a few bald eagles. 

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    This is one the very things that makes golf so special. What other sport can you participate in that can allow you to watch an American bald eagle fly overheard why you stroll down a fairway...


    Very nice photo.  No eagles on my course although on the Wisconsin River about 30 miles north there is a large nesting area along the river where for a few months a large number of eagles can be found.  The river water stays open at this point because there is a *** on it and the eagles migrate to the area and feed.  I have seen 25 or more feeding on the open waters and in trees nesting.  As the picture shows they are a majestic raptor.  


    That's a beautiful photo of a beautiful, majestic raptor. They are amazing to watch and must be more plentiful as I've seen several of them in the past 15 years and none before then. If you get to see one at a close distance, their sheer size will get your attention.


    Beautiful photo!  I'm always in awe when I get to see one in person.  It doesn't happen often but it's certainly special when it does


    Awesome photo!  Rare indeed, can honestly say I have only seen one in my life.

    For real?  You need to get out more DG!

    Lots of them around the middle of the country.   We vacation up in Northern MN & WI almost every summer on various lakes and there are quite a few.

    Coolest thing I've seen was a huge nest up in a tree and the parent flying around and then going back to the nest.  I'm sure getting food for the little guys.  I think it was Big Sandy Lake in MN.


    We get an occasional visitor in my community of Mt Pleasant, SC.  Beautiful birds.  Coming in from the surrounding forestland along the coast.  Just a few minutes outside our community The Center for Birds of Prey is available to assist raptors back to health.  It is open to the public to view these magnificant birds.  If you happen to be in Charleston, a good way to spend a few hours.  


    Great picture!  Truly an awesome sight for the golf course.

    We have a group of red tailed hawks on our course in Dallas who are pretty cool to watch but nothing like a bald eagle.  One day we were on Hole #1 and down swoops one of the hawks and picks up a squirrel running across the fairway a few feet away.  It was so heavy he dropped it, but swooped back around and picked him up again.  I had a picture of the second "grab" but it was not on my phone.  Must have been on an older phone, but it was pretty cool to watch.


    With the tides running extremely high this time of year and coming onto the back nine at the course, it presents a real smorgasbord for the bird population in the area.  Saw so many different birds on display this morning:  Canadian geese, mallard, wood, and hooded merganser ducks, redtail hawks, ospreys, wood storks, cormorants, snowey egrets, great blue heron, little blue heron, great egret, white ibis and a few blue birds....we seem to always get an eyefull of mother natures finest when we play.....Foxy lady is on the front nine and it is currently closed to play to a new irregation system being put in place.......so we are missing out seeing our lovely mascot........there are enough fiddler crabs, blue crabs, fish and squirrels to go around to feed all our pets....life is good.....


    As we were coming in on the final two holes today, we looked up and saw a pair of bald eagles engaging and soaring into the sky over the course.  It appears they are nesting somewhere close and we are excited to say the least.  Hopefully we can get some pictures in the near future.  What a beautiful site.  Our fivesome was super excited.