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Disney's Magnolia & Palm Courses


    Beautiful weather here in Central Florida, upper 70's to low 80's. Magnolia is in great shape. Can't think of a better way to spend the Holidays!

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    My son and I played both of them the last 2 Disney trips (2008 & 2010). The Magnolia is by far my fav of the 2, but my boy tends to really like the Palm. 

    Hopefully get back down this year!

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    Im an 18 year old that has played the Disney courses ( all of them ) MULTIPLE times. Though Magnolia and Palm are the PGA Tour preferred Disney courses, between those 2 I would probably choose Palm, just because that was the first course i've ever shot even par on.


    Though, if you travel about 10 minutes into Disney ( away from Magic Kingdom & those places, ) A golf course called Osprey Ridge is located there. I absolutely LOVE that course! In my opinion, it is a bit more challenging from the tips, although its only around 7,100 yards, it has many obstacles throughout the course. I recommend you guys check that out next time you go to Disney!

    Those sound like nice courses I might play them in the future
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    I have played the Palm and I enjoyed it very much.  Definitely not an easy track but very playable.

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    I'll be in Orlando in two weeks. Looking forward to playing these courses.


    More courses to hit - Magnolia, Palms, Osprey !



    More courses to hit - Magnolia, Palms, Osprey !

    i've played the Osprey a few times.  always enjoyed it.  my dad liked Magnolia the best.

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    Both very nice haven't played either in a few years but will have to make a stop soon.

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    I would skip the courses and go enjoy the theme parks!

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    I heard they're just average. I'm going to Orlando in a few weeks so I might play them

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    If you have a car, I would opt for Orange County national over these courses.  All are good courses but Orange County is awesome and the price is better too.  No Mickey Mouse sand traps though.


    I will have to put these on my play list next time I am in Orlando.


    Well there you go ... One minute no idea about golf in Orlando and now have the lowdown on the Disney's.

    One  Day !!!