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Chicago courses?

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    I'm traveling to Chicago next month and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for good courses out that way.  Unfortunately, Cog Hill's Dubsdread is fully booked on the afternoon I have open.  I'm headed east that day, so anything south of O'Hare is in play.

    Thanks, as always, for the recommendations!


    NDGC... Lots of choices my friend.

    Look at Cantigny Golf Club. It's a great track and not too terribly far from Cog. 

    If you are heading East, there is also a wonderful track called Harborside International. It's between Chicago and Gary Indiana, with two 18 hole tracks. It's a great palce and has fantastic views of the city from that southern perspective.

    Let me know if you get other thoughts and I can steer you a bit! 



    The only course that I have played in Chicago is a municipal one that was pretty good, and I can't remember it was in relation to O'Hare. Hope you find one/some suitable though.

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    Depends on how much time you have. While Dubs gets most of the Pub at Cog Hill...the #2 course is also pretty good. Close to O'Hare is the Highlands of Elgin and Bowes Creek...two somewhat new courses that are very good. On the South Side of town is Ravisloe, a formerly private course (as late as 2009) which went public...an old Ross course that is very fun.