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Best Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

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    Hi guys, I grew up playing The Highland Oaks in Dothan, AL...its the only Robert Trent Jones golf trail.  Who has played the other ones and which one do you think is the best one?

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    I played the courses at Mobile and Greenville years ago.  I loved them both.  Very different locations/courses.  The trail is a great value.

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    I've played several but not all.  Of the ones I've played I'm partial to Grand National in Opelika but maybe that's because I live in Auburn and play it all the time.  Greenville's good, I like the Highlands course in Huntsville and I liked Ross Bridge the one time I played it.  I've heard the Prattville courses are good but I've never played them.

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    It's been years but I remember liking the "Judge" course.