Anyone played Kapalua?


    Wondering if anyone has some "war stories" about Kapalua?  I visited, but did not play - too expensive for 18 holes...


    Todd, I've never been there. How much was the green fee?


    $265 for non-resort guests and $218 if you stay at the Ritz.


    Geez, There very proud of there golf course. To rich for my blood & the fact that I won't fly ends that adventure. Beautiful place, nice course but there's others just as nice that I can drive to.

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    Yes, played it three times. Beautiful views from every place on the course. When the wind blows, quite challenging. The Plantation course is the best around that area. Well worth playing at least once if you visit Maui. But make it a nice clear day to make the most of it. 


    I have added it to my bucket list!


    Played Waialae a few times though.  Way back in the mid 60's.  Spent 2 months there courtesy of Uncle Sam.  Great golf course.



    Hawaii looks like there having a hurricane there today.


    New change for the Tour this year - you need to swim to the 1st Tee...


    I played The Bay Course in '95.


    Just finished playing there on Sunday! BEAUTIFUL course.  It's very challenging, especially if you're having an off day with a fade, when you're naturally a draw.

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    I haven't played everything on the island, but it's hard to imagine there's anything much better than the Plantation Course.


    Yes, they have 3 seperate courses, The Village, The Bay, and The Plantation Course where they hold the Mercedes Open.  They are all a bit more expensive, but when in Hawaii, what isn't. 


    I still have my old score cards if you are interested in seeing them.  Drop me a note and I will flash them out to you.



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    I ve been there a few times but haven't been back in a couple of years. I believe that the Bay Course may have been closed(which is a shame). The Village is a good course but The Plantation can be a monster. Because the Plantation runs up a mountain it is more likely to get wind and rain than the lower courses. A couple of long shots over wide valleys and a few fairways that are anything but level.

    Greens fees used to be reasonable but are now excessive. We were there last year(didn't play) and one of the locals who plays regularly said that if you stay for a few days you can pick up a booklet at Long's Drug which has the questions and answers for a residency test. If you have a resident card the greens fees supposedly drop significantly. 

    In the past we stayed at another location but this last trip we found a condo at Kapalua which was well priced.



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    I played at The Plantation course last month and it was amazing.  Great views of the ocean from almost every hole.  Quite a bit of money to play 18 holes, but its an amazing course and the staff there treats you like a VIP.  I rented clubs and shoes, since my decision to play was only made the day before.  Rental clubs were great, all Titleist.  It was an amazing experience if you are ever in Maui.