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Grande Pine Golf Course

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    I am heading down from the cold in Canada and staying at the Marriott Cypress Harbour and have playin privliges at the grande piness golf club.  Has anyone played there, how is it, challenging.  Another thing is the practice facilities does it have everything a normal facility should have

    cheers everyone


    I have played this course back in the day. Marriott has many courses in the area, and it dates back to 1986. I would classify it as a typical resort type track, meaning not overly difficult or tricked up.

    I have played a number of the Marriott golf facilities around the USA, and they do run a fairly good operation. But do call ahead and make certain the greens have not recently been aerated!

    If you want a couple alternatives when down there, The Grand Hyatt has a couple courses (currently the LPGA is playing on one). Shingle Creek is also a nice place, and Falcons Fire is a short 10 minute hop over.

    Have fun!



    TH has a great pick in Falcon's Fire.   Next to the Gaylord Palm Hotel off Oceola Parkway.   Was a the Senior Tour qualifing course a few years back..   Great course.