#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF


Glassy @ The Cliffs in Landrum, SC






    JD, you are looking sporty my friend. I love the Black/Pink color combo, with the shorts matching the Icons. Very nice!

    You should pick up a pair of the IJP tartan shorts in pink. That would really seal the deal.


    Yeah it was sorta funny when I first went into the Clubhouse.   The 2 guys in the pro shop stopped what they were doing.... even stopped talking to guy they were helping and stared at my shoes when I went through.   Even got couple smiles and nods in the little dining area downstairs.  Even the shoe guy commented on my shoes as went  into the restroom. 

    When we went to check in there was a lady at the pro shop desk and said that the 2 guys loved my shoes and they were like where did you get them.   Sorta shocked but told them about the Myjoy program and seemed they didn't know anything about them.

    One guys did say they were going to start carrying the IJP line next month.  I was like that pretty neat.   I was really thinking... I don't think your 50+  (what most people that were there playing there were in age) are going to buy it but more power to you.   

    Yeah that outfit is surely a conversation starter!  LOL