I would really like to play there, but it is all the way across the country from me.


    I would like to play there and do the stay overnight thing I think it would be fun.

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    Find a New York state resident to play with you.  They can register their drivers license with Bethpage Park and make tee times through the automated phone system.  Don't bother registering as an out-of-stater.  I faxed my info in and never heard anything more from there.  Besides, NY residents can make tee times further in advance than out-of-staters (7 days v. 3 days, I think), so there won't be tee times left by the time you can call in anyway, most likely.

    My brother lives in NYC and we've had success both getting tee times through the automated phone system and by making tee times on other courses at Bethpage (red, yellow) then switching up to the Black if there are open tee times.  At the cashier's desk in the clubhouse, they have TV screens that show all of the available tee times for each course that are open for the day.  We've walked in to pay for an 8 am tee time on the yellow and walked out with a 11:15 am tee time for the Black.  Be flexible and optimistic - it's worked out most times for us.

    Unfortunately, once you've got your starting time, you're on your own.  The course is a monster, you have to walk it, the rough is brutal, and it's totally beautiful.  Enjoy the walk, hit a few memorable shots, and take your lumps!

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    I agree with what a few have said here. If you have the opportuniy to play on a championship course, and it's within your means, you should do it. It gives you a new look at the game. Even though these courses play tough, chances are very good that most lies you face will be better than your used to!
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    Definately go Play Bethpage Black. Pick a cooler Non-Summer month and enjoy the round for what it is. I would not pay the Non-resident upcharge for the Red. Play the Green or Yellow for the lower price. Red is nice but does not compare to the Black and is not worth $100.

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    Agree, def play the Black. Don't bother with the red though with that upcharge. Not worth it. Go play the Yellow, Green or Blue instead. One warning, a round on any o the courses will be anywhere to 5 - 6 1/2 hours to play.

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    The Red Course at Bethpage is really good. In many ways it's more interesting and fun than the Black course.