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Vegas Golf


    Anyone know much about Golf courses in Vegas?  We are planning our annual trip and want to play some golf while we are there.  Any information would be appreciated.


    Reflection Bay Golf Course at Lake Las Vegas would be amazing.  It's completely private but you may be able to get on if you have the head pro at your club call ahead.  Natalie Gulbis lives on that course and Lake Las Vegas is a really cool spot too if you are able to get there.  Not too far from the strip, about 20 miles or so.

    Otherwise, Tuscany Golf Club in Henderson or Loews at Lake Las Vegas is a good choice.

    I am sure Tar Heel has a lot better suggestions since he has been there 30+ times I believe.


    cwaybright... I do have some Vegas thoughts for you... Eric, you have a good memory! Actually, I have been to Vegas at least 2 times per year since 1979... you can do that math.... It's a lot


    As for courses, Reflection Bay and Tuscany a great choices. I have also played Aliante to the north and Rhodes Ranch to the south. Both nice places. You can also go to Bear's Best, which is a Nicklaus course up in the elevation. That's one of the top courses. One other I recommend is Royal Golf Links, which is a remake of 18 top British Open holes. Nice day to play there.

    A word of caution! There is a group there called Walter's Golf, and they are quite shady. They own Royal Golf Links, so I am kind of double talking here. Walter's owns several courses, and if you go on their site, you'll see Bali Hai, Royal Links, and Dessert Pines. I played Dessert Pines 3 years ago, and there was literally (no exaggeration) no grass on the greens and the dirt was painted green. First hole we thought it was weird, by hole 3 we were furious. Told the ranger and he said all the greens were like this, and told us to get over it. What??? We drove off the course and asked for a refund, which was denied. So we left.

    I drove to Royal (which at the time I did not know was affiliated) and asked to play. When I vented to the pro, he told me they were sister courses, and he comped my round! So I trash Walters every chance I get, but do recommend Royal Links... but with caution.

    Go to www.lasvegasgolfcourses.com. Lots to choose from, but none close together. It's not a Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach type place. Costs are higher and driving distances farther.


    Well if you've done your two trips this year, you're at 60.


    Only 1 this year, so in the 59 range. Have a couple years when I went 4 or 5 times. Dude, after you go to Vegas 10 times, it just all blurs together. I did just book a ticket there for January.  

    My age is going to show now, but I played on the original Desert Inn Golf and Country Club. What a great place that was. Got bull dozzed for the course behind the Wynn Hotel, and no matter how nice (for $550, it should be awesome), it's not the same deal.

    There are a ton of place I would rather go than Vegas at this point in my life. Been there, done that. And I have so many freakin' T-Shirts! 


    At my age, Vegas is awesome.  I have a couple places that I would rather go, but for a short trip, it's tough to beat.


    Never golfed in Vegas, but based on your breakdown Tar Heel I think I need to make a trip.

    Will definitely remember everything you said here though Tar Heel, thanks for the information.

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    If you have a car, I would head about 35 miles south to Primm.  It is at the state line.  THere are 2 Tom Fazio courses that are just inside California.  When Fazio did Shadow Creek for Wynn, He signed a contract sayinghe would not do a course in NV unless it was for Wynn.  Checkout http://primmvalleyresorts.com/  I realy like the Lakes course. 



    Ah yes. I forgot those. Good advice here as well.


    Tar Heel

     Dude, after you go to Vegas 10 times, it just all blurs together.


    Funny ... I remember the first time I went to Vegas it was awsome, then as went a few more times it seemed to loose it's charm with all the construction and Hi-Tech upgrades. It isn't the same anymore and seems to have lost that original feel ?


    I never play golf in vegas because it seems WAY to over priced ?




    JB... yeah, Vegas gets old really fast.

    I have found a few affordable courses there; Rhodes Ranch and Aliante to name 2. If you go, give those a try.....


    We play here on an annual tourney /trip. Great group of courses and really great people here that take care of you.



     We played here a few times also, great course.



    I love Las Vegas and Las Vegas golf. Try and go at least twice a year.


    Thanks guys for all the great info, I will let you know what we come up with





    Just scheduled to attend a conference in early May in Vegas. Sunday thru Thursday, will sneak in a few rounds will I'm there.  All paid for by the company.

    Might have some trouble attending every agenda item in the mornings  lol