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Disabled Veterans (non retirees) can get on bases, Jan 1


    There are a number of veterans on this community like myself that are not retired that were discharged because of a disability, may have received a Purple Heart, or a POW, and do not get the some benefits offered a retiree, such as commissary/PX and use of recreational facilities on bases.  Effective January 1st, 2020 the Department of Defense has put together a plan where we can get on base AND PLAY GOLF with our VA Health ID Card, which indicates service connected, POW, Purple Heart on the front of the card.  A regular VA ID card will not work.  All the requirements and restrictions are listed in the site below and what services we can use.  My explanation is only brief, so please read carefully the content of the benefits.  There are two bases in my area with golf courses and I always had to run someone down who was retired and available to get on the base.  Now, effective, Jan 1st, I can go at my leisure.  Their is also a nice course at Beaufort (MCAS) and Columbia (Fort Jackson).   Just think when on vacation, can play some nice base courses elsewhere......happy golfing....veterans helping veterans.....  =)


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    I would have thought you could get on to these courses through your FJ employment?

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    I am with you Chuck and I am glad this is now allowed. I will be using the base comm and PX soon.


    So long overdue and every Vet should be honored for all they did to serve and protect us and the Great country we live in.

    Thank you for your Service, time and dedication to keeping our country safe!

    Enjoy all the benny's you can get...You certainly earned and deserve them!




    Thanks Brian.  Wanted to pass this on to others on this community, hoping to reach out to those who might not be aware of this upcoming benefit.  Retirees get these benefits already, but those of us who were not career soldiers will be getting a few of the benefits and there are some great courses on the military installations to be played.  I plan on checking them out.    


    I would have thought you could get on to these courses through your FJ employment?

    It is very difficult to get on military bases with all the crisis in the world.  Someone on the base has to sign for non military personnel to come on the base each time and I do not call on FJ accounts.  I had a temporary Department of Labor work ID to get on the base, when I did transitional workshops on the Air Force Base, prior to retiring from the state.   Workshops ceased, the ID went away.  Could only use golf course, M-F 7am-7pm.  This new benefit, much better.  Earned it....