My Faves!


    Love the new section.... Here is where I love to go:

    Hilton Head...

    HH National, Crescent Point, Melrose, Bloddy Point. Of course there is Sea PInes for the big spenders.

    Myrtle Beach: Barefoot Landing (4 Courses). My best is the Davis Love course. Oyster Bay, Heritage Glen, Glen Dornach, and Tidewater. Tons more to choose from.

    Palm Desert: Champions courses at Indian Wells, Big Horn. Lots to choose from based on price ranges

    North Carolina... Raleigh: University of North Carolina Finley Course (duh), Duke University course (how about this kickers...), Hope Valley Country Club (private), Prestonwood CC (Champions Tour course) and about 50 other courses as you work your way down to Pinehurst along 15-501

     More later...



    Harbour Town Golf Links is at Sea Pines, right? With the lighthouse? Where they play the Verizon Heritage?

    Big bucks? How big? Haven't been down that way, but if I do, I'd like to play that course. We only live once, right?


    hey tar heel likes dukes's golf course yeah but i really like to go to san diego or florida and play some courses there 


    Last year it was $250. You play 16 holes inland and enjoy "condo golf", then come out for 17 and 18, which is the view you see in your photo. So far I have not chosen to drop that $$$ for that experience.



    Yes, I do like the Duke golf course. But I ALWAYS take my UNC gear over there, from jackets to shirts to hats. It is a very nice course and one worth the trip. Also, for anyone that goes, stay at the Washington Duke Inn as it is top of the shelf.


    Now.... for the side story Dookie my friend. I used to be able to play there for free as I have connections to the tour management for James Taylor (the musician). For those that don't know, James father was the Dean of the University of North Carolina medical school and he grew up near Chapel Hill. Hence the song, "Carolina on My Mind."

    Anyway, JT starts every tour in Charlotte and moves to Raleigh, so we would take the crew out to Duke to play golf in exchange for free rounds of golf. I milked that deal for about 6 or 7 years. Naturally I can't bad mouth a place that took good care of me, no matter what my other loyalties are.


    Tar Heel

    Last year it was $250. You play 16 holes inland and enjoy "condo golf", then come out for 17 and 18, which is the view you see in your photo. So far I have not chosen to drop that $$$ for that experience.

    Hey TH, thanks for the info. If I get on there, I'm hoping I'll be taken care of as you were at Duke. I provide golf tournament software to the Heritage Classic Foundation, which runs the Verizon Heritage the week after the Masters, as well as the Players Amateur and the Verizon Junior Heritage, although I've heard Verizon is pulling out.


    tarheel i really want to play dukes course but i live in richmond va so it tough to make a trip


    So... if you had to pick JUST one.... what would it be Tar Heel?



    Pick one? Sort of like having a Lay's Potato Chip isn't it? Pick one as.....? What?

    If I had to pick one to be the course I wanted to play for the rest of my life everyday I would probably say something like Hilton Head National. That would mean I'm retired and so I'd want to live where it's warm and I truly could play golf every day. It's down on the South Carolina coast, has 27 holes to play, and they treat you like you are at a private course for around 50 bucks! How do you beat that?

    If I had to pick the course that I would want to play at but I still had to work I would pick the Finley Course at The University of North Carolina. Duh.... Seriously, I would want to be back in Chapel Hill, and that was the course for me down there for a ton of reasons.

    Eric, the courses I picked are all ones that have really special memories one way or another. I have been very lucky to travel extensively for work, and have gotten to play in many states here in the USA, lots of great courses in the Toronto area, and a few in Mexico. Nothing outside North America yet, but there is time for that.

    The moral of this story? Pack you clubs and take them everywhere you go. I have met great people around the country and seen some great courses, like many of you. That's why golf is the greatest game there is, which we all know.   


    Tar Heel is dead on about the 'condo golf' aspect of Harbour Town, but that's not to say it's not a great course.  It's definately a shot maker's course, and I really love Pete Dye courses as well.  My dad and I got on a year or 2 back, in the spring time at about 10 AM for $145 a piece, and TOTALLY worth it at that price.  (you'll note my profile pic is me on the 18th tee) but it is right on that you don't see the water until 16th green.

    In Myrtle, really agree about the Barefoot courses - and yes, the Love course is the best.  Tidewater is a good track, I also enjoy the courses at Grande Dunes.  Definately check out Dunes Golf and Beach Club and also worth checking out the "Big Cats"  - they are at the north end of the strand (actually just into NC).



     I really love Pete Dye courses as well. 

    Since you are a Pete Dye course guy that a look at what I get to play every day.  Have posted a link to the web site:

    along with a couple of my photographs from the course.


    Great pics of what looks like a very nice course -- thanks for posting Hokies



    Yes sir, the "Cats" are all nice. We did Panther and Tiger last year in a 36 hole day; one AM and one PM. Very nice deal.

    Good news on the $145 for Harbor Town. The guys I go with don't like to pay over $100, so I go with the flow on stuff like that. Next year when we go (we rent a house in Palmetto Dunes) I'll see what we can negotiate.



    Ok this reply is WAY overdue...but Hokies those shots are absolutely great.  Yeah, I really enjoy the challenges presented by Dye courses.  Probably my favorite course designer overall.  Love the illusion he creates and how he can FORCE doubt into a player's mind!  Dye course also teach you to get REALLY creative around the greens.  Amazing shots.


    THanks -  the Pete Dye River Course of Viginia Tech is truely a picture waiting to happen -  I often carry a small digit with me -  we see lots of different wildlife. Hernons, Egrets, Ospreys, sometimes an Eagle -  there is Norfolk Southern Tracks on the other side of the River - so you get trains.

    An then the summer (the summer would be nice now) -  20 degrees this morning.