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    I have been on a trip to Maui with the family for the past week and was able to sneak in a couple of rounds of golf and wanted to share the pictures with the group.  The first stop was on one of my favorite all around courses, the Plantation Course at Kapalua.  The only sketchy thing about West Maui can be the weather.  The first four holes started out somewhat soggy.  It was fortunate that I brought a FJ rain jacket and rain gloves!!  Felt like I could have given Tim Tiger a run from his recent rain adventure on a golf trip on these holes!

    Finally as we played the remainder of the holes the sun came out and all was dry.  The wind was up, as it always is, but we had a great time although the scores could have been better!  Played with some great guys I met from Australia and could not have had better playing partners.  The remaining pictures look a little more like what you would expect from Hawaii golf.  It's amazing how quickly the rain can move in then back out again.

    Finally, the number 18 closing hole on The Plantation Course at Kapalua.  I believe it is the longest hole played on the PGA Tour at over 650 yards.  At least it is downhill and generally downwind!

    I was also able to sneak away and play a round on the Wailea Gold course.  This is a great course on the other side of the island and it was really good to me this week.  I was able to card five birdies for the round (which is a record for me) and was able to enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine for the entire round.  The following are some shots from the Wailea Gold course.

    All in all a great golf location and one I will be coming back to!  Heading back to the mainland tomorrow afternoon and back to the Texas heat for the summer but I won't be forgetting the five birdies in a round (or probably matching it) anytime soon!

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    Beautiful views in the sunlight.


    Wow! Wailea looks spectacular. Let's play again soon!


    Looks amazing!!!

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    Great pictures Mike!    Think you just inspired me to take a little trip..


    Mike, I'm envious.  Haven't played in/been to Hawaii since 1972 (Royal Kaanapali).  Gorgeous photos.  Thanks for sharing.


    WOW... thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Just to be on Maui is a treat in its self, but to play WaileaGold and Kapalua's Plantation while on Maui, that's sweet.


    Oh I'm so jealous.  If I had my druthers I'd move to Maui right now.


    As I sit in my office now, looking out the window at the rain (which, by the way, I am happy to have here in Texas), I wish I was back in Maui!  Whenever we are in Hawaii I always try to think of things I could do occupationally to relocate there.  I never come up with a workable scenario so we always come home!  Seriously, it's a great place to visit with wonderful beaches and golf courses, but at the end of the day you are on vacation when you are there and I think that is one of the big things that makes it great!  Now, back to the daydreaming... maybe when I retire I could get a place there and......


    Wow MikeC! Awesome photos and an inspired setting on which to build THE Hawaiian round!  Thanks for the tour through paradise...premiere golf in a premiere destination!

    Outstanding photos!!! Kapalua is a ride to get to, but well worth it!
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    Great photos!!!  I went to Maui a few times and only had the chance of playing the Kaanapali Golf Course..  Next time I go i'm definitely making a trip to Kapalua!  

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    Those are some great courses!  There are some amazing courses on Big Island that are definitely worth checking out... Kohanaiki is fairly new, and Kukio and Nanea are a lot of fun.

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    Kapalua is nice - but there are a lot of blind, uphill tee shots.  If you want picturesque take the boat ride over to Lanai and play the Challenge at Manellee - that is my favorite in Hawaii.


    Kapalua is nice - but there are a lot of blind, uphill tee shots.  If you want picturesque take the boat ride over to Lanai and play the Challenge at Manellee - that is my favorite in Hawaii.

    Welcome to the FJ community.....hang around and you will enjoy the posts regarding golf and FJ products....we have a little fun sharing ideas and such.....complete you profile and let us know a little more about have a great avatar....the Old Course makes a great backdrop and it'sl complete with your FJs and Titleist clubs.....already making some great posts....chuck