Bandon dunes Trip

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    I'm pumped about a trip to Bandon Dunes in Sept.  I've been wanting to get there for years. Does anyone have advise to make this trip as memorable as possible. This is my first post however I visit the site regularly. FJ all the way!!!!!!


    Welcome abord Kip.  Brandon Dunes still on bucket list.

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    Looks like a good place for a getaway.

    Been there and it's gorgeous..... Don't be cheap- get a caddie, especially if you're doing 36 a day...... At least two pairs of shoes... Battery charger and SD cards for camera... Get the meatloaf at McKees Pub.. Pack you rain gear and extra balls, the pro shops are $$ and there's no golf stores anywhere close...

    Enjoy, even in the rain it is simply gorgeous.. Ooh, don't reach for a ball in the goarse, I thought it was fluffy and pulled a bloody hand out.
    Forgot, bring swim trunks.. Theresca sauna n jacuzzi in main area near The Bunket Room!

    This spot is a gem and should be a must for all traveling golfers. TNT has it right: prepared for ALL weather. While the last time I was there it did not rain until I had to climb in a car and go tot he airport (amazing weather for three days!!), it is likely that a little precipitation and WIND will be in your forecast. Caddies are essential and extremely knowledgeable. My favorite course remains Pacific Dunes...

    As a great friend of mine who is member of a club in Ireland named Ballybunion said, the turf grasses and gorse are the same as in Ireland. Makes for a wonderful experience and golf buddy trip. Ans wait'll you see the range! Pretty impressive facility in its own right.


    Welcome, Kip!

    Here's a link on a local newspaper I was just reading about before I saw your post.

    ...still on my bucket list and jealous. :-)