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    Intriguing question.  Last time I traveled abroad with my clubs was before the TSA, so I had no problem taking my clubs with me in a hard case.  Shoes and extra towels went in with the clubs and all made it without problems.  I've only flown domestic with my clubs since TSA came on board, again with a hard case and no problems.



    As Chuck mentioned, I'd recommend checking with Fedex.  I've looked into it, their prices are about the same as letting the airlines do it, but without the prying eyes of the TSA and you have the benefit of being able to lock your bag.  

    Even if it is a couple hundred bucks, at least you have YOUR clubs.  You'll probably be more relaxed and play better being able to pull your trusty clubs from your bag.

    I always use a TSA approved lock on my club bag when I fly. It may not stop the TSA screener but it keeps anyone else out of it.  And as mentioned I also stuff/wrap other items like rain pants etc around the club shafts at the top.  And most importantly I use the ClubGlove club protector-- ALWAYS.  A great $25 investment.

    Sorry but locks on bags with zippers are worthless




    Is there a cheaper way to take clubs overseas than carrying them with you?


    I just heard about this service. They maybe able to ship them for you cheaper than one of the other couriers.

    I completely agree I travel with samsonite hard cases that do not have a zip.

    I have always traveled with a hardcase that has three snap locks and have never had any problems....guess that I have been lucky........alway carry a lightweight bag and pack sensibly.....if going for a weeks trip, like I did to Ireland, only took two pair of shoes (FJ of course), one white and one black and white.....two rain suites, wore one of the jackets on the plain......never rained the whole time we were there.....maybe it was the Irish Wiskey.....