Orlando course recommendations?


    Any suggestions for me on courses to play while I am in Orlando at the PGA Show? We go in early for an AGM conference and play at Hammock Beach. Playing at Celebration Tuesday, but I need a place to play Monday. Thanks in advance!


    I played Lake Buena Vista on Disney property a few years ago.  Fantastic course.  


    Bay Hill is one of my all time favorites..The Ritz Carlton Club I would say is ok but unless I was staying at Ritz/JW Marriott I would skip, The Disney courses are fun.  Just my quick overview...

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    GolfChick My Suggestion would be Grand Cypress first they have 54 holes of awesome golf! One of the 18's is a tribute to St. Andrews, its an amazing facility and open to the public.  Now of course Bay Hill is another one that is right there but is alot harder to get on.


    Go to the Disney courses Chris. Many to choose from and maybe Rick can help hook you up. The Palm Course and the Magnolia Course are fantastic, as are the Osprey and the Eagle courses. Played them all over the years, and you always know you'll get good stuff at Disney.

    I also played a place called Falcons Fire a couple times, and I liked that a lot, but it's been years so I cant speak to it's condition currently.


    Chris, I am with you....Bay Hill is one of my all time favorites!!


    Randy, I have also played Magnolia and Falcons Fire.  Magnolia was nice, a bit pricey for what it was.  Falcons Fire was very reasonable and was a nice layout.  There is also a course called Grand Cypres.  Its owned by the Hyatt or JW, don't recall which, not none the less has a few courses, one of which was built by Nicholas and has replicas of serval famous holes.  Another good take for the $$.

    Have fun!

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    Haven't played in Orlando... But while in Celebration, DEFINITELY try Columbia House restaurant. Absolutely delicious!


    Well at Disney Osprey Ridge has been closed as it is now owned by the 4 Season and Eagle Pines has been closed for about 5 years and has been torn out. Palm has all new greens and bunkers and Magnolia is in fantastic condition. LBV is also in great shape right now.

    The Ritz course is anywhere from $125 to $150 and usually in pretty good condition.

    Not a fan of Celebration, so I would not go there. Stay away from Mystic Dunes, horrible greens and very slow play (5+ hours).

    Falcon's Fire is ok, but the pace get get on the slow side.

    I know you have played Champion's Gate. If you go back play the International. It is a better layout and in better condition.

    The other place you could try is Grand Cypress. If you do try to get on the North/South rotation. That is the combination the LPGA played, although they have built a few new greens since then.



    I had no idea that Disney 86'd Eagle Pines. I liked that track a lot. I forgot about Grand Cypress too. I played there way back in the day when I was learning to play golf, so my play was, well not all that good. As I recall, the scenery and the plaques with photos of the comparable Open Championship holes on The New Course were pretty cool.

    I knew you'd have the 411 on everything!


    Chris:  A friend who is going to the show suggested Orange County National.  Understand it is where they are having the demo day.  :-)


    Chris - I would recommend the Grenelefe courses in Haines City.  They are a little SW of Orlando, but worth the trip.  Less expensive than the resort courses.  Grenelefe was the host of the PGA Q School final before it moved out west.  

    Can't go wrong with the Disney courses.  I have played Palm and Magnolia several times.  They are located at the Shades of Green resort which is a hotel exclusive to military families (active and retired).  The golf courses are managed by Arnold Palmer's golf management company.  They are great tracks, but with any resort course, play is typically slow.  

    Have a fun trip!


    Sorry Todd, but Grenelefe is off the table. I live there and will not play the courses. When Sport Shinko pulled all the money out and walked away the golf went downhill fast. It has been in a death spiral since. The courses have been in poor condition for the last 8-9     years

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    hawks Landing at the World Marriot is a nice course and the people there are very friendly. If your a rewards member you can use points to play.