Heading to Hilton Head - Courses Please

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    Any cheap-o low end warm up courses someone can recommend.....




    You might check out Blufton on the way to Hilton Head or over in Savannah.....Hilton Head is a resort and resort prices...I take it you have never been to Hilton Head.....I would recommend going to google and putting in golf in Hilton Head will probably give you course surrounding Hilton Head as well..........or even going to all depends on what you mean by cheap-o low end......goof luck......I live in Charleston, SC and we stay clear of the resorts unless we know a pro there......


    I checked on and there are some courses that might be what you are looking for in the area that are not on the resort.....think that be your best bet.....good luck......some as low as $29.....hope this  .


    The north end of island has some great values...was just there a couple months ago.

    Golden Bear at Indigo Run was a great course (I really enjoyed the design of the course, lots of challenge but not impossible) at a reasonable price relative to the big courses such as Harbor Town etc...


    You can also try Hilton Head National. It's right before you get onto the island. Depending on what day of the week you can get some great rates to play.

    It's a course where you scratch your head because it's such a wonderful track at modest prices.

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    Has anyone played Berkley Hall? Their practice area is legendary. They have national memberships and I believe two championship courses.