Heading to Knoxville, TN


    My wife and I are heading to Knoxville, TN next week and none of my family are golfers.  Thought about throwing my clubs in the back of the SUV and maybe getting in a quick round on Saturday before our family reunion Saturday night.  Any recommendations from my golfing family?  cz  : )



    I played Three RidgesGolf Course a couple of times a few years ago with some clients. It is a fun course with a great views.

    I remember it being straight forward. Senior rates weekday with a cart $29.

    Have a good trip.



    Mark:  Very interesting........great rates.........  Am on the committee for my 50th HS reunion and this would be a good place for us to have a golf gathering.....depending on the part of town it is in....thanks for the are da man....can always count of the FJ community.......chuck  :  )