It's starting to have a fall feel in the Northeast


    Yep definitely chilly.  Was mid 60s this weekend and rainy.  Played 18 on Saturday though.  But my playtime will definitely start to wind down quite a bit :(   Oh well it means snowboarding season is almost upon me :)


    Well said Crocman. Don't know how I'll feel if/when we move to a cold climates again. Years ago a golf trip to the warmer climates was a good way to break up the winter monotony but as I get older I'm not sure one trip would satisfy me.  I love being able to golf year round in a nice tropical climate.


    Will soon be back to 18/27 holes in a day.

    It's now the season when courses aerate and reseed, anyway.  This is actually a good break even though I did not agree before- I used to find courses that didn't aerate.

    Maybe cruising the central coast of Cali- make it a long weekend.  Wineries, restaurants there are nice out there.

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    Your not kidding...I just tried to book a tee time for October at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Club and immediately they mentioned aeration and seeding is scheduled for Oct 8 - 31. Oh prob. with so many options here in Calf. I'll be fine....LOL! If your in the OC area shoot me an email, maybe we could pair up if the timing is right.

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    Looks like the summer is leaving the northeast....not sure if it will be back again this year!!!!

    60-75 degree highs coming our way