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Do you hole out on the 18th?

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    Pulplvr I'd rather use it as practice than pick it up.


    I always finish out , unless the putt is conceded in match play. I don't want to take any chances with that, I have been know to miss a short one.

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    Definitely finish out!  If a putt's conceded that's different but if all four folks dont putt that's definitely not the.  ESPECIALLY if im playing #2 or some other notable course.  I want to experience every stroke!


    Definitely finish out unless the putt's given to you.  Even then at No.2 I would tap it in just to hear the sound.

    I always finish it out, not just on memorable rounds.  Guys that pick up the 3 footers always miss them when they really count.  

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    No matter what the round, I always drop the last putt, even if it's one inch. Just a quirk I guess, but reaching down and pulling the ball from the cup on the 18th feels good.

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    Always hole out.  I personally don't believe in "Gimmies" in informal play.  I may give them but I don't take them.  I guess Match play is different, but only then.

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    During my recent trip to Pinehurst, I watched a group of guys all NOT finish out on the 18th at Pinehurst #2. This got me to thinking, do you finish out on the 18th?

    I say no matter how bad it is, you should finish out on 18 for a memorable round.

    Would never not finish on a course like #2.