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Vellano Country Club


    On Saturday I got the chance to play Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills California. It's a Greg Norman Signature course that winds through the hills. Through the day my partners and I were pretty struck by the creativity it takes to envision a golf course before there actually is anything on paper. This land was basically cattle farms back in the day, and the terrain absolutely doesn't give you the impression that a golf course should be here. But Norman did a wonderful job and put a track together that really is pleasing to the eye and also plays as a fair test of golf. Better still, a fine selection of FJ shoes and apparel was on display in the golf shop, so it was an added bonus.

    Here are two shots from the tee box on 18, with views down into the valley towards Ontarion California and then down onto the 18 fairway...


    Those are two great shots, Randy!  I do know about the course, but have not had a chance to play it.  You are lucky and obviously have the clout connections.

    Well played!


    N'ol, my playing partner bought a foursome through an on-line auction. Was very cost effective. Maybe we can meet up and play it sometime!

    The staff was very supportive of FJ and since I was wearing my new Carmel Collection with my Black/Purple Asyms, they were loving on FJ all the more. So they said "we love it when well dressed people play here." You qualify for that!


    Thanks!  That would be nice, but it would be even nicer to include Don & Todd along with you, of course, down south later in the summer or even autumn.

    I knew you'd be the Ambassador that you are on the course, Randy.  Way to represent FJA!  We're proud of you.