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What do you buy?


    I collect logo golf balls from all the courses I play. About to fill up my 3rd case over 100 logos!


    Logo ball and FJ polo, if I don't already have it!


    Will purchase ball marker or ball  but have just about put a halt to the balls......  I have five cases full and one empty popcorn can I use full.......just pick up the free pencils and divot tools and give them to my golfing buds....I have a favorite from Yehmans Hall in Charleston and a backup from Murifield Village Golf Club in Columbus that I use.....after a while they become dust collectors.......

    cz :)

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    I usually grab some poker chips and a hat or a shirt.

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    Like Tdogg, I used to buy shirts. Now, I like the hats with the course logo on them. My wife likes to tease me about all of my hats but hey, what's a guy to do?

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    I always try to get a bag tag at the very least.  Depending on course slope rating I may get a yardage book if they have them.  Sometimes I'll get a logo shirt if they have FJ.


    Ball Marker and yardage book for me.


    I used to purchase a shirt with the course logo, in recent years I have been shifting to scorecards and yardage books only.   However, if they have a cool FJ shirt or jacket with the course logo I might splurge!

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    I go for a divot tool and a yardage book, maybe a hat if I like the Logo


    looking back at this thread made me think more about it.  a lot depends on the course and how likely i will be back.  if i don't think i'll ever be back or if it's a "big name course", i'm more likely to buy more.  for example, i was at Karsten Creek a couple of months ago.  it's not very likely that i will be going back any time soon, so i bought a shirt, hat, and putter cover for me.  A pullover for my wife, a t-shirt for my daughter, and a towel for my son.  and the girl in the girl in the pro shop threw in a scorecard, yardage book, and repair tools.  if it's just a regular course in Myrtle Beach, i might grab a logo ball, but that's about it.  now if they have FJ stuff, i can definitely justify to myself that i would have probably bought the shirt anyway, so why not get one with a logo.


    I collect logo golf balls & I have a display shelf in my office with them from all the courses I have played. My real goal and #1 item on my bucket list is to play a round of golf in each of the 50 states. Right now I only have 2 so I have a long way to go ... LOL

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    I usually pick up a ball or a poker chip unless its a course that has hosted a major or a Ryder Cup. Then I  look for a shirt or a hat.