What do you buy?

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    Like getting hats too but have way too many and always end up wearing the same couple hats


    Hat Clip W/ Ball Marker and Course Logo Ball


    I typically only grab logo balls to add to my collection. If the course is really nice, then I tend to pick up a picture or some other momento like a divot tool.

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    I will occasionally buy a shirt if I really like the course but, I always get a couple scorecards for my collection.


    It depends on the course and the item. If it's an iconic course I'll pick up whatever strikes my fancy. Of course if its a good FJ shirt there's never a question- I pick it up. Other than that I've gotten hats, ball markers, shirts, putter covers, and my favorite, a cigar case/flask from TPC Sawgrass.  It's useful. If there's nothing I like, a score card always works.

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    A shirt only if it is a special courseY ) ***i.e St .Andrews) otherwise  just a logo ball for the  collection.

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    Pin flag, high crown visor, yardage book and ball marker (only if it's the bigger poker chip or bigger 1.5" marker).  If it's a really nice course and they have FJ or Polo/RLX than I might grab a polo.


    I'm a score card collector...I may grab a bag tag as well

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    I'll buy a polo if the course is great.  Otherwise it is predominately divot tools.

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    Minimally, a ball and usually a shirt, hat, or towel depending on the course and memorable factor.


    I used to buy something. But over the years I really don't know what's happened to most of it. Now I just play the round and keep the memories in my head AND use the money saved for some drinks post-round and maybe the *** for the next round ;)


    Hat typically and maybe a shirt..But it is hard to go away from FJ polos unless someone wants to give me merchandise...I used to think it would be cool to collect score cards. But after digging up a moldering mess of paper and pencils in the bottom of my golf bag, I realized I just don't have the temperament for collecting...!!


    I am looking to pick up a FJ fleece or Performance sweater while I am on vacation.


    I generally will buy bag tags and divot tools as well. If the course is a special one,  I would buy a polo.

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    I always get a yardage book and marker prior to my round and use them. I mark all my shots on the yardage book as a record for memories.