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Has anyone played TPC Sawgrass?

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    I was just wondering if anyone has played the course and was wondering how their experience was. It looks like it could be a fun course to play.


    Probably depends on your definition of fun.

    Having said that, would love to hit 50 / 100 shots into 17 and work on my GIR percentage. Followed by the FH percentage with the Driver on 18.

    I wonder which would be better, theory says the short iron but can imagine the old confidence dropping pretty quickly once one or two went in the drink.





    I played there about 2 years ago.  It was a wonderful experience.  odd thing was that it was early November and we were resrticted to Cart Path Only as they were already keeping traffic off the fairways.  greens were quick but not tournament fast.  The forelady was a great help and other than carrying the bag was like having a caddy as far as yardages, green reading and course maintenance.  One suggestion play an appropriate length tee for your game - still a challenge.  HOWEVER on 17 play from the Pro tees just for that experience and the possible bragging rights when you tell your buddies back home.  (Truth be told I dunked the first one 10 - 15  yards right  approx pin high. On in three from same tee not drop area and 2 putt 5)  if you plan on playing there watch for specials by signing up for the Sawgrass emails.  

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    I've played Sawgrass twice, and enjoyed both times. It was in great condition and the service was top notch. A little pricey but, you can get deals if you watch out for them. It's a tough course and I would expect a pretty slow round. A gentlemen in the group in front of us insisted on getting a ball on the 17th green from the tee box and hit several balls in the drink (I remember 12-13). I would imagine if things were packed that a ranger would prevent that but, it was mid-summer (HOT) and pretty slow that day. Plus, we had fun with him (or at his expense) but, he took it well. All in all, it's a great experience and well worth playing. BTW...I'm even on 17, two pars.          

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    Played back in 2008 I believe. In December so it wasn't in tourney condition but it was still a great time!


    I played there 5 years ago in mid June. The course was in great shape. If you have the opportunity play the it. It was like playing at a botanical garden. We did not see anyone during our round. I bladed my tee shot and ended up over the green and on the walk way. I chipped back onto the green and 3 putted for a 5. I had a great time. Play from the appropriate tees and take your time.


    I played it early this year and really enjoyed myself. It wasn't the most amazing course I've ever played, but there's lots of memorable holes.  The conditions were nice, and the experience was worth the price tag. It was also awesome to say "I had that putt" this year when I watched The Players. It's a real PGA for a day experience.  Like everyone I played 17 from the pro tees. I'm sure it'll make The Players special from here on out.   I'd like to play it again some day.


    Played it several years ago through a Marriott hotel package (my guess is that it was the "Stay and Play" package).  Stay at the Marriott at Sawgrass and you got on the Stadium course.  Paul G might know a better way to get on, but I had a great experience with the hotel package.