Myrtle Beach


    Like some others have said -  a lot to do with condition comes down to over-seeding.  The course that I was playing was in fantastic shape.  Greens (bent) were running probably 11-12 range.  I would suggest checking around with locals about course condition, don't give up on Myrtle.


    Bobby, how did you guys do this weekend?  Those greens in MB sound awesome in compared to what we putted on Friday.  They did mow them for Interclub on Monday, but still slow.....set the pins on slopes on a lot of the greens.....errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....hit every par 3 in

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    Several friends set up a golf trip earlier this year.  It was mid April and we played the big cats, which are actually just north of Myrtle.  All of the courses were in great shape.  The wind picked up in the afternoon which increased the difficulty.  Tiger's Eye and Panther's Run were my favorites.


    Glad to hear you had a great experience in MB......welcome to the community.......stick around and enjoy a great group of golfers who have a passion for the game and their FJ products......chuck