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Itinerant Golfer - Quest to play the Golf Digest Top 100 Courses


    Here is a link to a web site that I think many in the FJC will enjoy. The Itinerant Golfer has been on a journey to play all 100 courses of the top 100 as defined by Golf Digest magazine. He has been at it for over five years and is over three quarters of the way there!  He has chronicled his play at each course and has included photos of his rounds. 

    Lots of fun to see these courses and to compare my own experiences  (and yours) on courses mutually played. 

    Have fun!




    Pete, thank you for sharing, I will have to check out the article this weekend.


    that is a very ambitious goal!  i've heard some people talk about how it virtually impossible since the list has changes every year.  so in reality, you might end up needing to play 125+ courses.  and then as soon as you're done maybe 5 more pop up.


    The itinerant golfer writes about and provides photos of just about each course he has played in his quest to play the 100 Golf Digest best courses. This isn't an architectural critique blog - Rather, a recounting of each course and his experience playing it. That is kinda cool  - and the course collection is impressive...


    Great share Pete.  My wife wants to travel to all 50 states in our lifetime and I added to that goal by saying we needed to golf in each state too :)