Help! Las Vegas trip suggestions

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    Alright guys, a co-worker and fellow FJ Community member and myself are going to Las Vegas in a few weeks on business but are flying in a few days early so we can get in a couple rounds. I've never played in Vegas and would like some suggestions on what courses we should play.

    Thanks for the help,




    Welcome to FJC!

    Hey, let us know what type of course you are looking to play or if you are willing/able to drive around town.

    Most the courses I like to play out there are away from the strip.  Some of them like Paiute Golf with three great courses could take 45 minutes to get to (20 for some, but I watch my speed there).  They are all good to play and a fav by many.

    Badlands, Angel Park (2 courses), and TPC are around the same area (Bears Best the opposite side- south) which are all approximately 20/25 minutes away.

    Revere Golf with two courses are in Henderson area- about a half hour.

    Hope this helps. . . Ask away if you have any questions.



    Have heard good things about Revere, bears best, and Paiute. I would go TPC or shadow creek if I had no budget.

    I played all the Walters courses last summer bali hai, royal links and desert pines , overpriced for sure. If you decide to play one though, I thought royal inks was the best.

    Have fun:)


    Paiute is offering a very cool rate.


    I have only played one course in Vegas (Desert Pines) it was a cool course but way overpriced.  I'm going in May for a bachelor party, and we'll be teeing it up. We could rent a car for the afternoon if need be.  Any suggestions would be huge


    There is always Shadow Creek


    Paiute(all three) and Revere are great courses to play.  


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    TPC Las Vegas....great track...


    Anthem and Dragon Ridge aren't too bad.


    If $$ is no object... Shadow Creek is the best and only option..... Paiute Wolf is challenging!

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    Most of the golf in Vegas is overpriced.  If your schedule allows for it, you can take advantage of the twilight rates at some courses.  Royal Links is fun.  Bali Hai is close to the strip and is a nice course (spendy).  My favorite course was Red Rock Country Club but it's private (not even sure how my group got to play there).  They also own Arroyo Golf Club which was awesome.  Sienna is another of their courses.  It was very slow when we played it and do not recall much other than the pace.  I also played Lexington and Concord courses at Revere at Anthem.  Both were nice undulating tracks and had a great time playing.


    Hello Las Vegas trippers!

    TOO GOOD not to share.  I just got an e_mail from Paiute resorts' E_Club.  For this month of MARCH 2013, they are having an incredible special.  $55 for both Snow/SunMountain and $65 for Wolf.  (That's like prime time cost as a PACC member.)

    If you have plans to go, log in their website, sign up for their e_club.  If you do not want to go through all that, PM me your e_mail and I will forward you the special.  It is completely ok-- it reads "Forward to a Friend at the bottom."

    Everyone in this community is a friend, so there's my good deed for the day.  I'll entitle my self to a bowl of rocky road and a slice of pound cake during Jeopardy championship on TV tonight.

    By the way, the weather forecast for this weekend are as follows:

    Friday Sunny, with a high near 71.

    Friday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 46.

    Saturday Mostly sunny, with a high near 72.

    Saturday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 50.

    Sunday Mostly sunny, with a high near 72.

    Sunday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 47.

    Monday Mostly sunny, with a high near 69.

    (it also looks like the "Ws" are down!)


    P.S.  I am trying to convince my family that Las Vegas is a good place for this weekend-- we are 65% in.  I hope I get to go(lf) there!


    Too good to pass up for my self, too!

    My wife and I are coming up Friday to Sunday and stay at the Paris hotel.  It's just a struck of luck to get in in this, like one of those times that things fall into place nicely.  (I'm hoping to putt that way anyway)

    I'm playing:  Wolf & Sun for the weekend!


    Wow I'll be in Vegas for my wife's birthday in March, I doubt I'll get to tee it up, but that's an unreal deal

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    Paiute and Dragon Ridge are two of my favorites out there. But Shadow Creek is an amazing experience if you get the chance.