Thailand Pix

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    Wow that sounds like an amazing experience!  Those courses look like they are in excellent shape.  Its amazing that one of them was underwater at one point and still looks as good as it does.


    Noel, looks fantastic!  Sounds like you had a great time over there.  

    Thanks for sharing


    Ill be in Pattaya in April. Hopefully getting a chance to play Siam CC with some folks from work. I'll have to buy a camera and show what I get to hopefully play!

    dzabkar, Siam CC is a great course.  I couldn't get in at the time, they were preping for the Honda LPGA as we were told.  Very few times were available.  Pataya is a very crowded place.  FootJoy gloves are made there at a plant.  We passed by it and I bowed my head for a lil respect.  

    I wish I was going again.  Enjoy your time!

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    Great pics...sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!