Golf in Ventura CA


    Oh, yeah, don't miss La Purisima!

    Here are some things I know about the course in the few times I've been there:

    - Afternoon rounds there are almost always with (west) wind, and often times the fog comes in the morning.  (Pick up a yardage book at the pro shop.)

    - Greens out there are slick which I know you will just love.  They have more than a few of the elongated greens that are either with your direction as the fairway or horizontal.

    - They don't have much of a cart path-- mostly open-- they have a lot of land.  Many walkers out there.

    - It's been a USO q site for many years.

    - The course has been in the market for at least a couple of years.


    I know this is old but I thought about sharing a youtube video after viewing it- it reminded me of this thread as Josh flew out here, played one of the course and also, the recent aeration most courses go through this time of year.  Here's one of the typical process a course green goes through.

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    Thank you noeldaof.... that video is awesome.... and I certainly learned something new by watching the video


    Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Adam!  It's interesting what courses goes through to prepare for play.  Here in California most if not all courses undergo aeration process twice a year... Some, like courses down our low desert areas have it as much as 4 times a year although two of them could be minor.  Also, scalping and aerating fairways including reseeding is another.


    Nice thanks for positing.  I never really knew all the reasons this necessary evil exists.  On a side note, I think I saw that dog in a cart.  He's HUGE.  I snapped a picture of him sitting in a cart and his head was almost at the ceiling.  I'm so glad I got to play out there.  My region has changed so now I'll be in Philly... Not exactly the best golfing destination.