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top courses by state


    Sounds pretty cool.

    Big task though I would imagine.


    Very sorry to say I aint played any.

    But ... one day I'll get over there for some golfing adventures.

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    Great link. It's too bad that all but four of the courses in Arizona are private. Of those four, I have only played one of them.

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    In Kentucky, one of the best courses is certainly Idle Hour C.C.  They never make it on any of the lists and I'd say it's because they don't want the attention.  It is the only Donald Ross Course in KY and it has hosted a few U.S. Open Qualifiers.  


    Have you played Karsten Creek yet? I have a hard time spending that much for a course that does have a sea breeze.

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    Played 8 of the courses in MA and have to say some are missing from this list!! cough* Blackrock CC cough*


    Hey Mikey,   there are some great course up there.  They have midnight starting times so have a ball!!


    In my state there are approximately five courses listed within a two hour drive.  3 of them are private clubs (of which two are the same club - and one of the courses is hosting the PGA this year).  The other two are a few hours away - the resort has three courses on site and I've played the one that wasn't listed.