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    This web site offers an array of reviews and photos of golf courses from around the world. It is one of the cooler sites I know of for getting to know some of the wonderful venues for the greatest game ever.




    I will have to check this out at lunchtime, thanks for the tip.


    That is a nice site with good pics but many countries and courses missing.

    I would highly recommend the 18th course (www.oitavosdunes.com) on the Rest of the Word - The Next Fifty list.

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    Hard core architechture guys on that website.  I lurk there and thoroughly enjoy the conversations where GCA's chime in with their experiences.

    That might be why not all courses are listed on the site.  Some, even the "top-rated" courses, are just architecturally un-inspiring.  Some are even out of reach to even get on to do the photo tours due to their exclusivity.

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    It's a great site if you're interested in golf course architecture.


    Lots of courses are indeed missing as the site relies upon folks interested in course design and architecture to post their own analysis and photos - You need an enthusiast who is a member or is a guest fo a member of some of the more exclusive and private courses.  Nevertheless, this is a pretty cool spot for understanding how some of the great courses of the world were designed. Hey, you too can post your analysis of your greatest course!

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    Longtime GCAer here.  It's a different kind of site that focuses on design and construction and which often hosts spirited debate.

    The course profiles are fantastic and aren't meant to represent an exhaustive list.  Every one of them is a great golf course, though.