Changes at The Old Course


    Actually it is all a ruse. The reason they are changing is because Tyler is playing there in July. The Scots can only prepare and hope for the best.


    It's a pity that they feel they need to change it at all.

    But what options do they have when the ball goes miles and the pros hit it so long.

    They can't trick up the greens too much because if it blows they become unplayable and on a still day the Pros absolutely destroy it ... but then again they do that just about everywhere these days.

    Still it's great to see them playing there where all the greats (and not so greats) have been before ... and I'll get there one day.


    I can tell you from personal experience that the defence of the Old Course and all other quality links courses is not length. The defence is the weather. There are very few days that it is docile enough that the course is taken apart. The fairways are like nothing played here in the US, there are very few flat spots. They are very firm and the bounces are totally unpredictable. If they narrowed them even by 5-10 yards and let the rough grow a bit more the course would defend par very easily.

    I maintain that a 89 is far more likely than a 59.......


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