Dryjoy Shoes Tear and Footjoy Customer Service

Dryjoy Shoes Tear and Footjoy Customer Service

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    I purchased a pair of Dryjoys at Golf Galaxy in February 2011. Upon wearing them for only the fifth time, I noticed a tear near the front, which was caused on the course. When I inquired about the repair at Gold Galaxy, they referred me to Footjoy.com. Since the damage was done on the course, I felt that Footjoy should have repaired or replaced my shoes. They told me they do not cover damage to the shoes that was not factory related. It seems to me that an expensive pair of golf shoes should not get torn so easily. I am shocked that Footjoy would not stand behind their product like other golf manufacturers do. Very sad. I have been telling all of the people I golf with to stay away from this inferior shoe (and company).




    I have thesame question. It would appear that the tear was caused by negligence and no company covers that type of thing. If you sent the shoe in, maybe it is a defect and the problem would be adjusted, but if it is through negligence  on your part you are not being fair to FootJoy or their staff.

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    The tear occured from contact with a cleat on the other shoe. DOES THAT HELP YOU, BRUCE?

    LFR4, from my experience no warranty covers problems not related to the manufacture of the product unless you bought tires and got road hazard protection (which is actually more like insurance). Think about it if you got to return a shoe or any other product because it picked up a dink, ding, or scratch you could get a replacement from here to eternity.

    I had a new car for about 3 hours parked and when I came back somebody had put a small scratch on it. I could not expect to have the dealer fix it under warranty. I know it is frustrating to get a tear but I feel pretty lucky to not scuff up my shoes after just one round.

    Sorry, but I don't see why you think FootJoy makes a bad product and has poor customer service. You damaged the shoe! It was not a defect in the product, it was an unfortunate mistake on your part. Trashing the company and the product they make because of your mistake is just wrong. Please just man up and admit you are really unhappy with your own mistake and it is not resonable to expect FJ to give you a new pair. Many of us here have had great service fron FJ with shoereplacements when there was truely a defect it the product. This is clearly not the case here. Unfortunately I doubt you will get much sympathy from the people here as you caused this to happen.
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    I feel that the quality of the shoe material should be able to withstand contact with a soft rubber cleat. Is that unreasonable? It's not like I set out damage the shoe. I paid over $100.00 looking for a quality product from a company I trusted. I'm not looking for sympathy, nor am I asking for it. Prior to this I had always appreciated FJ's products. It's very disappointing when a company that you have thrown a great deal of money lets you down.

    This is unbelievable.  I had the same kind of experience when I was young.  I wanted to clean my Footjoys real good so I loaded them in the washing maching and set it at double heavy duty with hot water for a 40 minute cycle.  they came out of the wash looking like a pair of Indian sandals with tire treads on the bottom.  Thinking that they would come back to form after a good drying, i put them in the dryer for 60 minutes set at hot and then baked them in the oven for 2 hours at 350*...............didn't help.  We couldn't even eat them.  I tried tenderizer and everything...............just too tough. I called Footjoy the next day and they told me if I had called first and got the recommended laundry detergent (Mean Green for laundry) and had used Adolph's instead of the tenderized I used, they would have replaced them.

    Footjoy is getting tougher and tougher. 

    The company is really stingy.  They are taking 20 of us Ambassadors to Medinah C.C. in Chicago for The first Ambassadors Invitational.  They are paying for the rooms, the food, the golf and I am sure they will have some goodies for us.  But can you believe it's only Medinah and can you believe they are making us pay our own way there.  What a bunch of tightwads!!!!!!!!!

    When I wear out my Footjoys in maybe 25 or 30 years, I'll be picking out some other brand for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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    Wow, Bruce! You have waaaaaay too much time on your hands! I can see by the number of posts you have made that you have other things going on. Good luck with that next pair of FJs! I bet they go great with a breath mint for your next ambassador meeting. Wasn't looking for sarcasm, but thanks for the healthy offering.

    Evidenced by the fact that you did not even do a profile before complaining, I think you are just looking for a place to badmouth Footjoy.  Believe me,  this isn't the place!



    Sorry to hear that this has happened, but this is a weird situation. I don't think that is covered in the waterproof warranty, and I can't remember if there are any other warranties besides the factory warning. Hope you can figure out what you want to do next though.


    The tear occured from contact with a cleat on the other shoe. DOES THAT HELP YOU, BRUCE?

    My guess would be that the soft spikes were Champ spikes.  They are not soft and will scratch a leather shoe if gouged across them.  Judging by comments from other Ambassadors, it seems as though your disappointment is unjustified and your discouragement to others regarding Footjoy products is unwarranted.


    Let us apply a bit of mechanical engineeing to this. You have a very firm plastic (not soft rubber) spike on one shoe. It comes into contact with a fairly soft material, the shoe leather. You have an expectation that the leather will not be marked by the spike. given the reltitive difference in materials, the leather has no chance against the spike. It is very unreasonable to expect the leather to withstand a spike being scraped across it and not become marked.

    The damage you describe is a "tear". Most of us would think that a tear is just that, not a mark from a spike. If in fact the shoe had torn, either at a stitched seam of even across the leather I would bet that you would have had no problem geting FJ to replace the shoes. The action that you describe it not indicitive of workmanship or shoe quality issues. It is damage created by the user, even if it was done by mistake. This is not covered by the warranty of the shoe.

    This is the warranty from the FJ site:

    FootJoy stands behind the quality of materials and workmanship of all of its FootJoy branded products. We will fully support our warranties and administer them fairly and equitably.

    Shoe Specific Provisions

    1. Full 90-Day Quality Warranty
    All FootJoy golf shoes are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of original purchase. Shoes found to be defective will be repaired or replaced with the same style or an equivalent FootJoy shoe at FootJoy's sole discretion.

    2. Limited Waterproof Warranty
    FootJoy warrants that certain FootJoy golf shoes purchased in the United States will be waterproof in normal use for two years or one year (depending on the actual style purchased) from the date of original purchase, provided that the shoes have suffered no cuts, abrasions, or other damage and have not been subjected to abuse or other mistreatment.

    Should leakage develop within the applicable Limited Warranty period, FootJoy will issue credit for such shoes as follows:
    (I) if shoes are returned during the first year of any warranty period, FootJoy will replace the shoes with the same style or equivalent FootJoy shoe, and
    (II) if shoes are returned during the second year of a two-year warranty period, the purchaser will be credited with 50% of the then current cost toward the purchase of the same style or equivalent FootJoy shoe.

    3. Limited 30-Day Comfort Warranty
    FootJoy assures the comfort and workmanship quality of all FootJoy shoes purchased and used in the United States for a full 30 days from the date of receipt.

    Shoes that are returned (with proof of purchase) to the original place of purchase within 30 days will receive a full replacement (same size and width). Footwear that has been damaged, altered, or abused in any way will not be honored under this warranty.

    Not covered: Worn shoes returned for size exchange.

    *Because of the natural variation of grains and textures in alligator and lizard leather, the uppers of these shoes are delicate skins and cannot be guaranteed in any way.

    Outerwear Specific Provisions
    FootJoy warrants that its DryJoys Tour Collection Rain Jacket, Rain Shirt and Rain Pants, and DryJoys Performance Light Jacket, Pants and Rain Shirt (collectively, the “Outerwear”) will be waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty) from the date of original purchase (the “Limited Warranty Period”); provided that the Outerwear have suffered no cuts, abrasions, or other damage and have not been subjected to abuse or other mistreatment. This warranty also does not apply to areas of such Outerwear that have been embroidered.

    Should leakage develop within the Limited Warranty period, FootJoy will replace the applicable Outerwear with a replacement product of equal value.

    This Limited Warranty extends only to the waterproof characteristics of the Outerwear. This warranty does not apply to outerwear used outside the United States. The applicable warranty for such Outerwear is the warranty given for outerwear sold in the country of use.

    What FootJoy Warranties Do Not Cover
    Even though the applicable warranty period may not have expired, certain conditions may invalidate FootJoy warranty coverage. By way of example, but not all inclusive, FootJoy will not issue credit for returned product that have experienced:

    - Excessive damage/scuffing to shoe upper caused by toe drag
    - Cracking of shoe upper leather caused by lack of proper maintenance
    - Damaged shoe spike receptacles caused by using non-FootJoy replacement spikes
    - Outerwear that has been damaged, altered, or abused in any way

    In addition, FootJoy warranties do not cover return shipping costs.

    Consumer Claims Procedure
    The applicable shoes or Outerwear, together with the original packing list showing the date of purchase and a statement of the claimed defect, must be promptly returned to FootJoy at the following address:


    I think that this is a pretty generous, but then again I am just happy that I can get shoes that are properly cared for replaced if they happen to develop a leak.

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    Thank you for sending that portion of the shoe warranty! Unfortunately, it did tear from the spike and now I'm left with looking at it each time I tee off. Do you have a glue you could recommend? I thought about using Gorilla Glue, but it expands when it dries so I bagged that idea. Crazy glue isn't flexible and would cause further damage. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks again for your post!


       There are a few products that you can use. Shoe Goo (Walmart carries it) seems to work well,  but you will need to apply ice to smooth it down because the Shoe Goo will not stick to ice. Then you need to wax and buff the shoe.




    Below is a video of a guy polishing and repairing a tear. Similar to the above comment.



    Here is also a kit that might work.



    Just trying to give you some options to concider.