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The ICON sizing aint Classic!

The ICON sizing aint Classic!

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    Were there any sizing changes between the Classics and the new Icon? 


    I'm pretty much 10.5 D in Classics and the ICON 10.5 Mediums works fine -  have the Asymmetrial, Shields, and Saddle.




    As Hokie says, the FJ Classic and Icon match up identically.

    I too have Asymetricals and Saddles, and the fit is exact. I'm a 10.5 Medium and have had no issues.

    I must point out to folks that read this post. FJ is the only shoe company where every size is true to fit, even as you move from style to style. I have Classics that are 6 years old, plus some DryJoys, Saddles, Asyms, and Classics Tour. Every pair fits just the same and like the last. No deviation.

    It lets you buy with confidence knowing that each and every pair is going to work rigtht out of the box.

    And Hokie, since I'm a 10.5 M as well, you can send me any styles you don't want!


    I am sure that Mike/Chris can give you a much more detailed answer but I will try to give you the quick one....

    Yes, the sizes did change between the Classic and the ICON. But not the foot size, the width measurements changed. In the Classic line you had traditional widths (A, B, C, D, E, EE, EEE, etc.). The ICON line uses the model of EXTRA NARROW, NARROW, MEDIUM, WIDE, EXTRA WIDE, and EXTRA EXTRA WIDE.

    The last used to make the shoes has also changed, but this shouldn't really effect the fit for most people.


    I was the same as well.  There is a thread about sizing somewhere, in the upper right seach "ICON SIZING" and it should come up. 


    I was really worried about this since there were no shops close that carried Icons.  I went ahead and ordered a pair of Icons and Myjoys since many said they fit exactly like the Classics.    My Myjoys arrived yesterday and they fit perfect!!!   I couldn't be happier!   I might order another pair of Myjoys very soon!


    19, we'll be calling you "cobbler" soon my friend.

    Your reply is interesting to me because after I read it I went and checked my shoes and all the Classics are as you say, with size and alpha character. Every pair I have is either a C or D size. So in looking at the way the "new" was done, my astute calculations look like there were more traditional "high end shoe" size measurements. The new Icons have less variants it seems. So my 10.5 Mediums, matched against 10.5 C or D, are quite close. When I walk around I do notice a tad difference with the D's, which are just a smidge wider. But it's so close that unless I did this scientific look I wouldn't have klnown, and probably would have assumed it was just the styling variation between models.

    I'm glad that we got this covered!


    Tar Heel, The real experts here are Chris and Mike. The very basic knowledge that
    I have here is from the day I went to see them to get fitted for my ICONs.

    If anyone has a fitting question, they are the RIGHT guys to answer the question and I think that they are very happy to do so. Just send them a PM for an answer or post your question in the forums and they will get back to you.

    They are truely the shoe gurus!

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    I have to say that I'm disappointed with my Icons.  They were a replacement for a pair of wet Classics. The fit is not right; a bit too tight.  I used a thin golf sock in the early morning, and it's still tight.  I also happen to be a downhill skier, and my ski boots still fit great, just like they did 5 years ago.

    The biggest problem I have with the W sizing is the retailers in Baltimore only stock the  M and W width, and not the XW.  I guess I can expect the sizes to run smaller, since the US plant was closed. 

    Too bad the conversion charts are a just a bit off.




    I had a similar problem when I switched to the ICON. It sounds that you are like me, a "between" width fit.

    If you get in contact with FJ customer service they may be able to help you with and exchange, no promises though.

    Your local retailer should be able to order the XW for you. The style you want will effect the delivery. If you post the style and size that you are looking for I will check availability for you.

    The US Classic plant closing really didn't have any effect on how the sizing runs. That is more of result of a slightly different last design that is used to make the shoes. I can tell you that the shield tip style runs a bit narrower than the asymeetrical style.

    Once you find your fit, and I am sure that you will, you will never want to wear any other shoe than the ICON. I own 6 perfect pair of Classic Dry Premiers and have not even thought about wearing them since a got my ICONs.

    Good Luck......

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    I will confirm all of the above with the change of Widths from letters to words.  Any time you can get a fit with a sizing width by letter (A, B C, D, E, EE, EEE,etc.) it will be a closer fit that narrow, medium, wide, etc.  That being said it seems the high-end Footjoys like the new Icons are close in fit to the old Classics.   

    I do think the lower priced shoes run wider though...

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    The sizing matter is finally closed.  Footjoy has an excellent fit guarantee, provided the shoe is not worn outside.  The shoes were exchanged for an XW.  Now, what do I know about feet and lasts?  In college I sold skis and ski boots.  Boots and shoes are made to a fit last, and simply put,some folks won't work in a certain make of ski boot, epically when performance is the key. 

    The classics used a different shoe last than the Icons.  I finally got the right person at FJ to confirm that.  Oddly enough, in the Small Town of Baltimore, Maryland ( Home of the minor league Orioles) no retailer carried an XW.


    Hi RickTee,

    I'm glad to were able to find the appropriate size. For future reference, here is the conversion chart from Classics alpha sizing to FJ ICON sizing.You can read more about proper shoe fitting here.

    XNarrow (3A, 2A, A)
    *Narrow (A, B, C,)
    *Medium (C, D, E)
    Wide (E, 2E)
    XWide (3E)
    XXWide (3E - 4E)

    *NOTE: A narrow C will generally go to a NARROW width, while a slightly wider C will likely fit better into MEDIUM.

    just like ...

    A narrow A would likely prefer an X-NARROW and a slightly wider A will probably prefer a NARROW. 


    A narrow E would likely prefer a MEDIUM and a slightly wider E will probably prefer a WIDE. 




    thanks Chris for the info on the sizing chart..I've always been a medium width and appreciate you providing more detail