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Majority of cleat inserts came out.

Majority of cleat inserts came out.

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    I love my FJ's but the first time I went to change the cleats the inserts came out with them. Is anyone else having this problem. The cleats were really stuck.


    Contact Customer Service, this should not happen when changing your spikes.

    Customer Service:

    (800) 224-8501

    M-F 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.


    I?ve had some spikes stuck before. So I soaked the soles in water for 20 minutes. It helps release the impacted dirt and grass from the inserts.

    Had the same problem on a pair of Icons

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    In my old DryJoys, the inserts are glued in a socket in the rubber outsole.  When the glue fails, the insert and spike spin as one, making separating the two difficult.  Best to just pry them out with needle nose pliers or small flat screwdriver. separate and return the insert to socket, then screw in the new spike.  The bigger problem is when you lose both spike and insert (yes, they will fall out) while walking the course.  I asked FJ Customer Service if replacement inserts are available and was told no.  Contacted Softspikes corporate and was told "we don't offer these to the consumer, only the shoe manufacturer".  Now reconsidering my decision to buy new FJ Originals as I don't want to deal with this senseless hassle.