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New spikes

New spikes

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    Heads up for anyone who bought the M Project shoe or the new DNA .

    They are using a new spike that is different from all the other replacement spikes.

    Jerry Wood


    Hi Jerry.

    Thanks for the heads up on the site!

    Those spikes are great, aren't they?!  They really grab on ground pretty good.

    Yes, they are called Stealth Cleats by Softspikes and they are low profile.

    Hope you're enjoying your pairY ) ***s)!   ...what color is yours?



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    Nice to know the spike is different.  I just now took a closer look and noticed them.  I thought it felt like I had much more traction yesterday, but just chalked it up to new shoes with new spikes.  

    Jerry do the cleats fit all foot joys? If so I might have to get a set for my icons, they sound like they have rather good traction control
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    Might be worth checking out.


    The important part about the M:Projects is that they use the PINS system.  Make sure if you're grabbing replacements that they use the PINS.  

    When I replaced mine I grabbed some non-stealth ones so they're taller than what came in the M:Projects.  I actually like them but I may grab a pack of stealth ones to bring the profile down a bit.