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Cleaning the DNA's

Cleaning the DNA's


    How are DNA's holding up to regular wear?  What sorts of practical care routine are y'all doing?

    Just curious because the leather looks a bit perforated on the sides. Does dirt accumulate in those perforations?  

    What about the toe area -- the split section looks like the pyramids?  I find that I have to put a lot of effort on my Icon pyramids to keep that small portion just at the seam at the end of the toe, where the two flaps meet, clean.


    I've been using my pair of DNA since January, every Saturday.  In its rotation with other pairs, I play two rounds in it per week.  As for its maintenance, I just give it a dry cloth wipe down each time after a round (If I wanted to keep it in doors as a condition my wife and I agreed upon- to which I do).  Once, or a couple of weeks ago, I gave it a damp cloth wipe down... nothing else.  It is as good as new as it's looks as clean as it could be- like new!

    I also have a couple of Pyramids.  One of them is white based.  Yes, for some reason, it is more difficult to rub away the dirt/dust stains on its leather cutline than the ChromoSkin leather on the DNA.  

    Comparing the DNA and the Icon Pyramid shoe design where you see a split are two different constructions.

    * Icon Pyramid; the cutline on its leather is exposed.

    * DNA; the leather line is folded under. (there are no cut edges exposed on DNA)

    This genius construction makes the DNA easier to maintain with a sharp clean look each time.  Not that the Icon Pyramids are less... that's just the way they were designed.


    Thanks @Noeldaof!  I haven't seen the DNA's in person yet but your description/comparison to the pyramids really helps.



    Just broke out my DNA's for round one on Saturday. Holy cow, are they a treat to wear! Comfy on all fronts.

    Cleaning is as easy as any other pair of FJ's. I simply sprayed them down with my cleaner/conditioner and buffed them up. Yes, there are small perforations on the sides, so if you live in a climate where more muddy conditions exist it may take a bit longer to clean them. But noting a small toothbrush cant manage.

    No'l has it right about the toe too. It's different than our Pyramids, so an easy wipe down.


    Finally got to see the DNA's in person -- the entire European team at the Bonallack Trophy was wearing them. I asked a few players about them and they absolutely love the shoes.  They were brand new and the guys said they were really comfortable.  Noel, I can definitely now see the difference in the toe section and how it might be much to clean than the pyramids.

    @Tar, I think you mentioned how they fit one-half size smaller. One of the guys from Northern Ireland told me the same thing.