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    Does Footjoy do any research before deciding on a spike for a given shoe model? I have both Icons and Dryjoy Tours and they have completely different spikes. Thanks.

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    Hi Chris we do extensive reserach both in our Foot Joy Shoe Box and at Universities throughout the country for different spike options.  That said we conduct studies such as spike placement and location to determine the best possible spike for a given shoe.  Depending on the shoe you have, most liekly it will have a different spike.  For example most icon's have the Champ fast twist spike and dry joys use the cyclone cleat from soft spikes.  In our M project and new DNA shoe we have introduced the Stealth cleat from Soft Spike for more optimal traction and torsion control.  The list goes on and on, depending on the type of shoe we are able to optimize that given shoe with a  certain cleat.

    Companies like Champ and Soft Spikes also have similiar labs that conduct tests to evaluate which cleat will optimize the performance of a given shoe.


    So different spikes for different shoes? Do you have a chart? Are they somehow color coded? GR Animals for golf shoes and spikes.