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M Project Feedback

M Project Feedback

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    I wanted to share some feedback for the M Project, Mesh, Spikeless.

    I walked 18 yesterday: it rained (not too heavy) for 16 holes. I was wearing my DryJoys Tour and no problems for me. My playing partner was wearing M Projects: Spikeless Charcoal/ Black Mesh. At the end of the round I asked his opinions. He responded that they were the most comfortable of his assorted golf shoes (this was his 2nd round in them). His feet were totally dry. He noticed no lack of traction, even though it was pretty slick because the rain started right after the course was mowed, and he had no problem with support with the softer shoe. Just an FYI for any who may be thinking of a purchase.


    That's a nice  performance  review of spikeless M Projects on wet conditions.  I have always wondered how the mesh material would hold up in the wet conditions.  I'm not surprised, but glad to hear a confirmation.  FJ does well again!

    Mine has BOA lacing with spikes.  I could not be happier with the way it performs.  Morning rounds can be a little wet and then it gets very dry and hot in the afternoon rounds.  It really does well in both conditions.  Great traction, lightweight, yet it has amazing sole support, comfort, waterproof yet it's cool in hot weather, sporty, and not to mention stylish and very trendy. HA!  Did I mention easy to clean?!  Mud smudge wipes off easily-- grass clippings comes off easy as well.  Pretty much all you would want in the category shoes that it is made to be-- it stands in the highest quality standard in my assessment.  My recommendation to anyone who are interested in this product/style-- pick up a pair or two and experience an amazing walk in M Projects class and Golf!

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    I would not recommend the White mesh shoe.  The shoe stains and must be washing machine cleaned after each round.........Stain from grass/dirt gets in mesh and can not just be wipe off.........

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    Honestly with my experience with the mesh, i would go with the leather any day! the white mesh gets so dirty and it looks like you spilled oil on the shoes. Not only that, but with me being a caddie and all, i have gone through a lot of conditions and believe me, they do not like water. My feet always got sooo soaked after every rainy day. Bottom line, dont waste your time with the mesh

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    Im hoping to pick up a pair this Sunday, ill post my feedback later on :)


    Mine has BOA Lacing and I am pleased as well!


    I've played my non-mesh M:Projects for 5 or 6 rounds now (not a ton of golf recently with the weather) and I LOVE them.  They've been through some damp soupy courses and through some solid firm dry ones.  I'm never uncomfortable nor do my feet ever get wet!  I love them


    Out the box and onto the course they killed my feet for four holes and that was only complaint! Now I don't  even know I'm wearing shoes! I think they'll become my range shoes or walking 36 a day shoes, five stars!


    I have some course credit saved up and need to pick up some spikeless.  Although with the Contour options now, I may be ordering a lot more of them.

    Happy Golfing folks,



    Never a doubt, they are excellent shoes.

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    Some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  I have the spiked version and I swear i wore them straight out of the box and on the course with no break-in time and they felt like an old worn in pair of slippers.  best shoes I have ever owned for golf, I hope they keep making them.

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    I am most likely going to pick up a pair sometime this week.

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    It's rained a lot here in the Carolinas this spring and summer and I've played several rounds in wet weather and I've had no problems with traction and my feet have stayed dry. I love the M Projects, very comfortable!


    No words to describe it, better to try it.


    Went to order a pair today, my pro shop didn't have a catalog with the M project.  Asked why not and they said the FJ rep hasn't been around in over a year and doesn't return phone calls.  Fortunately I knew what I wanted and they went on line to get the information to place an order.  Can't believe the poor service with this rep.  Maybe he doesn't need the business.